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Sign My Change.Org Petition Saving Mental Health In Alabama And Fund My Go Fund Me Campaign


So, I need all of you to do two things now!  First, I have created a Change.Org petition because our lawmakers down in the Alabama Legislature are wanting to cut up to $100 million from mental health.  If this happens, it would cause major problems with people who needs mental health treatment and for people who have intellectual disabilities.  I have created an infographic explaining what would happen if the major budget cuts passed.

I have also created a video talking about what would happen if the major budget cuts passed.

So, please sign my Change.org petition at: https://www.change.org/p/del-marsh-mike-hubbard-governor-robert-bentley-protect-and-save-mental-health-services-in-alabama

And one more thing.  I have also created a Go Fund Me campaign so I can get some funding so I don’t have to walk for miles and miles to cover things or update this website.  Watch this video for more info.

If you have the extra funds, please considering donating at:  http://www.gofundme.com/nvyoung

Thank you for your help!

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