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Sign My Change.Org Petition Saving Mental Health In Alabama And Fund My Go Fund Me Campaign

So, I need all of you to do two things now!  First, I have created a Change.Org petition because our lawmakers down in the Alabama Legislature are wanting to cut up to […]

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Good News Fridays: A Service Dog for Everett

On this edition of Good News Fridays, on a Sunday morning!  I am talking about a special campaign from a family up in the Huntsville area where they are raising money so […]

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Good News Fridays: Homeless To Valedictorian

Don’t ever give up, no matter what situation you are in!  That message sums up Griffin Furlong out of Florida.  You see, Griffin has had a tough life, when he was 6 […]

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The Michael Morones / My Little Pony Bullying Situation

We keep hearing of stories and stories over bullying.  And I must say that bullying is a worldwide epidemic that is getting worse.  From adults in the NFL bullying each other to […]

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