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See My Response To Facebook Posts Talking About High Gas Prices And Biden

I was sent something by someone on Facebook wanting my response to posts from two other Facebook users.  The topics are about the high has prices and Biden.  See the Facebook posts […]

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Does Joe Biden Have The Highest Presidential Net Worth?

Before we dive into the net worth of the previous presidents of the United States and the net worth of President Joe Biden, it is essential to define what net worth is.  […]

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5 People Who Have Made A Jump To Politics

Politics can be a muddy world to wade into but plenty of people decide to jump in, despite not coming from a political background. Most politicians start off as lawyers or have […]

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Watch Jordan Klepper Go Into The MAGAverse

Man, some of the people at these MAGA rallies are just plain too weird.  The Daily Show with Trevor Noah sent Jordan Klepper to several MAGA rallies around the country during the […]

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So Alabama Has Gotten Stupider And Will Soon End The Mask Mandate, My Thoughts About It

Well I knew this was going to come.   Governor Kay Ivey decided that masks are too stupid for people so she decided to revoke the mask mandate and end it after April […]

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See Video And Pictures From Senator Doug Jones Visit To Anniston On 10-30-20

On Friday, October 30th, Senator Doug Jones visited Anniston for a short speech and meet and greet.  The Calhoun County Democrats hosted this event and a decent crowd came out!  Below, watch […]

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Trump, Judicial Appointments, And The Conservative Agenda

During the last presidential election campaign, both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton battled viciously for supremacy. It was one of the most dastardly and mean-spirited of all time – a no-holds-barred contest […]

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Read My Letter I Wrote To My Representatives In Congress Supporting The United States Postal Service

Today is a big day across America.  Today, people are being urged to write to their representatives in Congress to support the United States Postal Service.  As you know, President Trump is […]

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Alabama Changes Its Tune On Sports Betting

It’s too late to place bets on the outcome of this year’s Super Bowl – but sports enthusiasts may have the opportunity to do so next year if Rep. Mary Moore gets […]

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Watch Greta Thunberg’s Amazing Full Speech At The UN Climate Action Summit

You go girl!  I am amazed at what Greta Thunberg is doing to help save our planet.  The teenager has led millions on a Global Climate Strike, and is warning everyone about […]

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