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Roadscapes Wednesday: Sign The Petition To Fire Current ALDOT Director John Cooper

The Facebook group Block the Mobile Bayway Toll has over 36,500 members as of the writing of this post.  And with more people joining everyday, the message is clear.  The majority don’t […]

Sign My Change.Org Petition Saving Mental Health In Alabama And Fund My Go Fund Me Campaign

So, I need all of you to do two things now!  First, I have created a Change.Org petition because our lawmakers down in the Alabama Legislature are wanting to cut up to […]

There Is A Petition To Rename The Edmund Pettus Bridge

There is a petition on Change.org to rename the historic bridge in Selma called the  Edmund Pettus Bridge.  Fifty years ago, the Voting Rights Movement marched through Selma and over the Edmund […]

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