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Things You Can Do Today To Help Improve Your Mental Health Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Post by Donna Cope for Alabama NewsCenter Overwhelmed. Anxious. Distracted. Lonely. These words might describe the feelings of people who are transitioning into working from home, or limited work, during the coronavirus […]

Music Thursdays: Elderbrook & Rudimental – Something About You

This is a special music video for all the men in our world.  Men around the world every day struggle with mental health issues and depression.  Men need to know that they […]

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

If you’re going through a tough time right now, whether you’ve lost your job, are experiencing financial troubles or health problems such as depression or anything else, do not despair. Although it […]

Music Thursdays: The Moth & The Flame – The New Great Depression

Some of us have had to deal with depression in our lives.  It’s like trying to deal with a demon inside your head.  And in this music video, you get to see […]

Major Mental Health Cuts Are Coming, Thanks To The Alabama Legislature

Today, the House Ways and Means Committee approved a $1.64 billion budget for the General Fund.  The budget would include major and devastating cuts to all state departments other than schools.  For […]

Sign My Change.Org Petition Saving Mental Health In Alabama And Fund My Go Fund Me Campaign

So, I need all of you to do two things now!  First, I have created a Change.Org petition because our lawmakers down in the Alabama Legislature are wanting to cut up to […]

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