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Sunday Discussion: Alvin Holmes And The Mixed-Race Family In Alabama

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Don’t you love it when someone in the Alabama Legislature makes a fool of themselves once again?  A few weeks ago, Rep. Alvin Holmes said something that has angered many families across Alabama.  The Alabama Legislature was debating some bills that would make abortions harder to get in Alabama.  Holmes said that 99% of Republican Lawmakers would support abortions if their daughters became pregnant from a black man.  Holmes even offered to give anyone $100,000 who shown him a bunch of whites had adopted black children in Alabama.  Yes, I did not make this stuff up.  Here is audio from Alvin Holmes, it’s hard not to laugh!

Well, after this controversial speech in front of lawmakers in Montgomery, some families across Alabama got angry, and these families went down to Montgomery to show Rep. Alvin Holmes that families have indeed adopted mixed-race children.  The Facebook group Faces of Families In Alabama staged a rally in front of the Alabama State House to show Rep. Holmes and other lawmakers that there are mixed-race families living in Alabama.  And yes, for example, some white families have adopted children from other races.


This was a great sight to see!  A great selection of families from all across Alabama showing that they care and they have adopted children from foster homes, and some children are a different race from the rest of the family.  Rep. Alvin Holmes opened his mouth and it went viral.  Multiple news agencies have talked about this story.  And families have go onto national TV to share that people in Alabama do care about children from other races.  After the rally on WVAS Radio, Beverly Owings was being interviewed by Robb Taylor, host of Perspectives.  And Rep. Alvin Holmes called in to talk about his feelings.  This is worth the seven minutes of your time!

Rep. Holmes said that the Alabama Constitution banned interracial marriage.  And a majority of people voting in Alabama voted down taking out the interracial marriage ban in the constitution.  Thankfully, Beverly Owings defended trans-racial adoptions, and there is no connection to interracial marriage.  Rep. Holmes even asked a question asking if the people of Alabama would allow him to adopt a mixed race child.  Wow!  Who votes for this clown in his district in Montgomery?  Alvin Holmes has served in the legislature since 1974, and maybe the voters in his district needs to pick someone with more common sense.  Can you now see why the Alabama Legislature and both parties are a big fat joke? And coming soon, more legislators being indicted on corruption charges.  It’s going to happen.

No Alvin Holmes, the majority of white people in the state of Alabama are NOT against adopting black children.  There are many families across this state who have opened their homes to children who deserves a loving environment.  It does not matter if the child is white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Indian, etc.  A child in tough circumstances deserves to have their lives turned around by loving people!  Rep. Holmes is just doing this so he can stir up some controversy.  It’s an election year down here in Alabama, and the representative wants his name in the news so his voters in his district will vote for him.  If the voters in his district had any smarts, they would vote him out for good!  And sadly, Rep. Holmes even supports a person marrying an animal, I can’t make this stuff up!

So what do I think about this controversial news story?  First off, if there is anyone in Alabama who thinks same-sex marriages, interracial marriages, or trans-racial adoptions should be outlawed, shame on yourselves!  Alabama needs to advance with the times, and things are changing quickly.  Everyone, no matter what sex or race, should have the right to marry or adopt.  And two, families and loved ones are getting tired of others telling them who should they adopt or who should they marry.  We are in the 21st century, not in the 1800’s.  If you are against seeing two people of the same-sex marry, or families adopting a mixed-race child, you need to re-examine your life.  For example, if a church you attend is telling you these things, you need to leave that church!

Last week, I talked about the Honey Maid This Is Wholesome campaign, that supports all types of families from same-sex couples to families with mixed-race children.  Several people are boycotting Honey Maid because they don’t support homosexuality or interracial marriages.  These are the types of people I would ignore and avoid.  Guess what, families are created in all different ways, in all different colors and all different abilities.  If a family is compromised of a same-sex couple, or interracial children, so what!  These types of families are heroes in my book!

Rep. Alvin Holmes said he would go down and mortgage his house and get cash in $20 dollar bills and bring it to families in a little briefcase if he saw proof of a family with a mixed-race child in Alabama.   Holmes needs to head to the bank and pay out the families who have proved that trans-racial adoptions is a reality in Alabama.  I hope he pays up!

Learn more about Faces Of Families In Alabama at:    https://www.facebook.com/FamiliesOfAlabama

Find children in Alabama available for adoption at: http://www.heartgalleryalabama.com/

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