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Watch The Chilling Charlie Hebdo Before The Massacre Video, Plus See The Post-Massacre Cover


We all know what happened at Charlie Hebdo last week, and now the New York Times put out a chilling and eye-opening video!  This short documentary was filmed in 2006 and features cartoonists and editors planning out their latest magazine issue.  The video features everyone talking about the cartoons featuring the prophet Muhammad they put out.  In the video, you see Bernard Verlhac, Georges Wolinski, and Jean Cabut, who were killed in the attacks.  The last line in the video “any objections?” is a punch to the gut!

Also, I wanted to reveal the latest cover to the Charlie Hebdo magazine, which comes out tomorrow in France.  Three million copies are going to be printed, and you know just about everyone is going to get a copy of this issue.  Yes, it does feature the prophet Muhammad.  And I am glad they do, it’s free speech, and it’s something we must continue to celebrate and protect!


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