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Hub Network Has Been Rebranded For 2014


The Discovery / Hasbro joint venture channel Hub Network has rebranded!  This Monday, the network debuted a new website and a new on air look.  The Hub logo did not change much, the only difference in the logo is the word “Hub” has been Italicized and the word “Network” got the same treatment.  The new tagline for Hub Network is “Making Family Fun.”  And the network is really emphasizing the family theme in their on air bumpers.

I really like how they change the font of the word “Hub” in their bumpers!  The website also got a major makeover.  You now use the address instead of using (you can still use that address to access the site).  Here is a screenshot of the old site and the new site!

hubworld oldhubworld new

The new website uses popcorn for their background image.  The top features promos of their shows while the bottom features various games and videos you can play!  The biggest difference in the new logo and branding has to be the bumpers to tell you the show will be back or back to the show.  The bumpers feature quotes from a character of that show you are watching.  For example, if you are watching My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, you will see a quote from Rainbow Dash saying “It’s time to Pony Up!” – Rainbow Dash.  Or from Animaniacs the quote is “Hellooo Nurse!” – Warner Brothers.

stuff 006stuff 009

It looks like with the rebranding, Hub Network is going to diversify itself as a place families can come to at any time to watch a family friendly program.  Hub Network has named Lou Fazio, who is now the Senior Vice President, Scheduling, Acquisitions and Planning for the Hub Network.  He has been the head of program scheduling, acquisitions, and planning since January 2010, Fazio has played an important role at the Hub Network in identifying, evaluating, and licensing on-brand content for the network, including series, movies, and specials.  Past jobs included Game Show Network, (love that channel) Disney XD, ABC Family, USA Network, and Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy).

I am interested to see what the Hub Network has planned for 2014.  I wonder what new shows Hub Network will pick up in 2014?  We will learn a lot more about Hub Network during their upfront later this year.  One thing I would like to see is the promotion of Hub Network on the other Discovery Communication channels.  If a family is watching shows like “Cake Boss” on TLC or “Mythbusters” on Discovery, there needs to be a commercial highlighting the Hub Network.  You regularly see cross-network promotions on the Discovery Networks.

stuff 001hub 2

I also hope Hub Network continues to send Geek Alabama promotional stuff about their upcoming shows!  The writers, animators, producers, and makers of the shows on Hub Network have complimented Geek Alabama and Nathan Young for talking about their shows!  The first big thing for Hub Network in 2014 is the Stan Lee: Mighty 7 special premiering on February 1st at 7 pm Central.  And yes, Geek Alabama will talk more about this special!  It would make my day if Hub Network followed my Twitter account @nvyoung back!

Learn more about Hub Network at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @HubTVNetwork.

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