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My Thoughts About The Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack In Paris


This morning in Paris in France, 12 people were shot and killed in what many including me are calling a terror attack.  Several of the people killed were cartoonists that drew for the organization Charlie Hebdo.  The magazine is a satirical magazine which poked fun of anybody, kind of like what The Onion does here in America.  Several masked gunmen entered the building, killed ten journalists and two police officers, and are currently on the loose.  Sadly, some of the killed were famed cartoonists that drew some funny and creative cartoons for the magazine.  The cartoonists killed includes Jean Cabut,  Bernard Velhac, and Georges Wolinski.  Also, Stéphane Charbonnier, editor in chief and publisher of Charlie Hebdo was also killed.  Here is video from Mashable showing images of the shootout, it is disturbing.

Yes, the magazine has gotten into controversy in the past.  Including lampooning the Muslim faith.  The gunmen shouted “Allahu akbar!”, or God is great before entering the building to commit their crimes.  Before I go further, let me say that this is no way connected to the entire Muslim world, and before some of you say that things like all Muslims are dangerous and should be locked up, most of the Muslim world condemns the terror groups and attacks committed by a few radical Muslims.  Mostly everyone you meet in the Muslim faith are nice and friendly, they are all not dangerous!

Seriously, I find some good humor in these cartoons made by the ones who are now dead.

I hope France and Europe will find the ones who did this, and are brought to justice.  The whole attack was planned well in advance, and the gunmen knew what they were doing.  And sadly, they could strike again before being captured.  France has stepped up security in public places and all media outlets in the country, a good move!  I hope other media organizations across Europe have also stepped up their security, because most of the continent has open borders now, and the gunmen could be anywhere across Europe by now.

2014 was a very deadly year for journalists, and sadly 2015 has already begun as a deadly year once again.  One thing all people who are against the ones who reports the news, is that all writers, photographers, videographers, bloggers, and media people are not going to keep quiet!  Everyone who is a media person, yes that even includes the ones who writes blogs, needs to keep up with reporting what is going on!  Even if it means you offend a few people!  As the people who are mourning in Europe, we are not afraid!  We will never be afraid!  Free speech will always win and prevail!

Thankfully, people in France, and across Europe and the world, are supporting the ones who were killed in the attack.  And people around the world are determined to not let a terror attack ruin or disrupt their lives.  I hope we can continue to live in a world where every media official has the right to report what is going on, no matter what is going on, or if it might offend a few.  The media are people who makes sure the world keeps spinning on the right axis, and not let corrupt and wrong people take over.  God bless the media!  I will leave you with some of my favorite cartoons from other cartoonists after the attack happened.

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