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Help Out The Cheaha Regional Humane Society By Adopting


Here is something to think about, since I am on an animal type of slant today on Geek Alabama.  Last week, many people here in Anniston/Oxford and Calhoun County did not take their pets inside when it got very cold.  Instead, people just abandoned their animals at the county animal shelter.  Things got so bad, on Wednesday alone 20 dogs were surrendered to the Cheaha Regional Humane Society, 20 in one day!  The animal shelter saw nearly 50 dogs surrendered to them last week alone.  And they got the help of a vet in Auburn to take some dogs to reduce the population at the shelter.

And things are so wacky at the shelter, a women dropped off her dog at the shelter, not because she could not afford the dog anymore. She dropped her dog off because it was cheaper to re-adopt the dog instead of paying the boarding fees somewhere else.  Yeah, that sounds crazy right?  Sadly, this is the reality here in the Anniston/Oxford metro area, which has one of the worst economies in the United States.  And many people don’t have a job, or has a job but does not pay a lot.  Here is video from TV 24 talking about this story.

So, the Cheaha Regional Humane Society needs your help!  The shelter could use donations like blankets, pet food and treats, pet toys, cleaning supplies, and more!  If you can donate, call them at: 256-241-DOGS, or visit them at 3605 Morrisville Road.  Another thing you can do is to go out there and consider adopting a loving dog or cat for your home!  Until this Saturday January 17th, each adoption is only $10.  Every pet comes being microchipped, and they would love it if you would come out and check out the 200 dogs and 50 cats they currently have.


To learn more about the Cheaha Regional Humane Society, go to:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cheaha-Regional-Humane-Society-Inc/629426267103105

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