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Support Bucket List Publications In Their GoFundMe Campaign


This post is to help out another blogger and writer in the network who is doing something great!  She is raising money to provide dreams for others!  Lesley Carter from Bucket List Publications is raising money via GoFundMe, and she needs your help!  If you could have any one bucket list dream come true, what would it be?  What is your deepest desire?  Is it skydiving over the Swiss Apls?  Riding a camel to the Pyramids?  Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef?  Readers of Bucket List Publications have been submitting their bucket lists and they’ve been making them a reality!  Join them at GoFundMe in bringing bucket list dreams alive.

The GoFundMe campaign is to raise $25,000.  They have already made these eight bucket list dreams come true.

1. 2 jetpack flights over Newport Beach, California
2. Driving a stock car against professional NASCAR drivers
3. Being pampered at the spa for the day
4. Wine tasting in Napa Valley
5. Heliskiing in B.C., Canada
6. Being picked up at the airport in a limo
7. Skydiving in San Diego, California
8. Two tickets to Fiji 

Lesley wants to continue to make dreams come true, but they need money to make it happen!  Once they raise the $25,000, they will host a “We Make it a Reality” contest on Bucket List Publications, similar to Extreme Home Makeover but bucket list style, and give away a bucket list dream experience package.  Anyone can enter and anyone could win.  Your donation could help make someone’s bucket list dream come true or it might just make your bucket list dream a reality.

After three years of traveling the world and working with PR firms and tourism boards, they have made some unbelievable connections.  They want to combine their resources and help others live outside the limits.  The more unrealistic they are with their dreams and goals, the more they are able to achieve.  And I am glad Geek Alabama is able to help out with the Bucket List Publications campaign!

To help out Bucket List Publications on their GoFundMe campaign, go to:

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