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Three Ways To Celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day


UPDATE:  I wrote this post, then took the words through a pirate translator, enjoy!

Arrrr mates! this day be National speak Like A scurvy pirate Day! ‘n if ye be a geek/nerd like me, ye probably want to don on a scurvy pirate costume ‘n speak like a scurvy pirate to strangers. Or, like in ’tis movin’ picture below, ye be off to sword fightin’ academy to be a scurvy pirate, ‘n shout nothin’ but arrrrrr.

So, if ye can’t sail th’ seven seas ‘n be a scurvy pirate fer a day, I be goin’ to offer ye five quick ‘n easy ways that ye can celebrate speak Like A scurvy pirate Day! Listen up ye dirty dogs!

Speak Scurvy Pirate On Facebook

Since mostly all ye pirates be on Facebook, ye can change th’ speak settin’s so ye can chat wit’ ye fellow scurvy pirate buckos. Just be off to settin’s on Facebook ‘n look fer th’ speak settin’s. Scroll below to speak ‘n change th’ speak to English (scurvy pirate). Then ye can argue way wit’ ye fellow scurvy pirate buckos!

Facebook Pirate

Get Free Donuts At Krispy Kreme

Sail below to ye nearest Krispy Kreme fer some free donuts! If ye speak like a scurvy pirate, ye get a free glazed donut. If ye be dressed in a full scurvy pirate costume, ahoy! ye get a dozen glazed donuts!  Learn more at

Smartly Below To A Scurvy Pirate Parrrty

Lookin’ fer a place to min’le wit’ ye fellow scurvy pirate lovers? th’ scurvy pirate lovers at Google have assembled a map ‘o scurvy pirate parties! Click th’ link below ‘n travel by sea to a parrrty. mid=zotVuAq09pWE.kMYqgYpT3vfA

So that’s it! Grab ye ship ‘n heartly enjoy a day shoutin’ like a scurvy pirate, ye gunna be glad ye did maties!

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