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Geek Alabama’s Top Inspirational Blogs


One thing I love to read is some of my favorite inspirational blogs.  Most days are stressful around my parts because I have been jobless for two years and other problems like the car in the shop, money troubles, etc.  These bloggers are ones I always read and I often share their articles with all of my social media followers!  So here is Geek Alabama’s list of the top inspirational blogs that you need to be subscribing too!

Michael Hyatt

imagesMichael Hyatt has been featured in multiple major media sources!  Michael is the author of several bestseller books, is a speaker, and hosts a podcast.  His blog showcases some practical tips for living your life.  He hosts a podcast called “This Is Your Life” which is recommended, and he has some great video interviews with many leaders like Dave Ramsey.  I would recommend you read this blog!

Learn more about Michael Hyatt at:

Marc and Angel Hack Life

marcandangel-aboutMarc and Angel Chernoff write some really good inspirational posts that you will like reading!  They both enjoy sharing practical thoughts on a broad range of topics pertaining to life, hacks, productivity, aspirations, health, work, tech and general self-improvement.  Some people go through some hardships like I am going through with being out of work for two years and trying to turn Geek Alabama into my business.  But I enjoy reading the posts from Marc and Angel and you will too!

Learn more about Marc and Angel Hack Life at:

Bucket List Publications

20110219_LasVegas_0877-300x200Bucket List Publications is a blog run by Lesley Carter and yes it is doing very well!  Lesley has a bucket list which she follows!  After accomplishing a bucket list item, she will talk about it on her blog which has millions of views!  Lesley says she follows her dreams of traveling and experiencing life to the fullest and that has taught her that the world is full of endless possibilities.  I hope you read this blog!

Learn more about Bucket List Publications at:

Ron Edmondson

Ron-BWRon Edmondson is the pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church and is a huge church leader!  Ron has more than 30 years leadership experience, mostly as a self-employed business owner, and have been in full-time ministry for just over a decade.  Ron Edmondson’s blog is all about leadership and following our Lord above.  The posts on this blog definitely has some Christian themes to them which I like.  Plus Ron follows me on Twitter, you will like this blog!

Learn more about Ron Edmondson at:

John Tesh

JohnTeshJohn Tesh has given out practical tips for living life called Intelligence For Your Life.  You can hear these tips on many radio stations or do what I do and go to his website where there are many tips for living like jobs, relationships, pets, health, and more!  John Tesh now has a team of people to find and give out practical tips for your life which has millions of viewers and listeners.

Learn more about John Tesh and Intelligence For Your Life at:

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