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The Evening Post: Lesley Carter My Destination Contest

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This edition of The Evening Post is helping someone win something very important!  Lesley Carter from Bucket List Publications has entered a contest from My Destination called the Biggest Baddest Bucket List.  This contest is very special; because the winner gets a six month all expenses paid trip around the world!  The winner will receive a camera, phone and any other technical wizardry he or she will need to produce their posts on the road.  And this person can decide where to go anywhere in the world!  My Destination wants the winner to experience the BEST activities while they are away.  And the winner will be required to do at least one local experience in each destination and document it for My Destination readers.

The winner will get $10,000 spending cash during the trip and here comes the best part!  When the winner gets back home; he or she will receive $50,000!  The entire trip from June to December 2013 will be payed for and the winner must visit at least two places on each continent.  So whoever wins the contest is going to have an epic time!

I wanting all of you to vote for Lesley Carter!  So far she has over 1000 votes and needs more people to vote for her.  She had to submit a three-minute video, three pictures, and a 500-word blog post.  Here is her video and photos!

New updated video!


Lesley Carter’s 500 word blog post is about her trip to Fiji.  The post also talks about the experience of interacting with the people of Fiji and it’s a good read!  To vote for Lesley Carter as many times as you can and to read the story; click on the link!

While I am talking about bucket lists; here is my bucket list;

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