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Donate To Help Provide Water To Wildlife In Australia’s Drought / Fire Crisis

You’ve seen the news, and the pictures are terrible.  Australia is currently going through a massive drought and wildfire crisis.  And the fears are millions of animals have or will perish.  Here are a few videos to remind you what is happening.

Now, the folks from the world famous Australia Zoo need your help.  This is from their GoFundMe page.

Mourachan, Australia Zoo’s outback conservation property is suffering from record-breaking drought conditions. The reserve is home to almost 200 species of quintessential Australian wildlife, including a number of species that are either threatened with extinction, are endemic to the area or have a restricted distribution.

As available water becomes increasingly scarce, animals become more and more desperate, seeking water in areas that have never before dried out. Kangaroos and wallabies are becoming trapped in mud as they try and drink the last remaining puddles of water, and Australia Zoo rangers are struggling to keep up with the number of animals in need.

We plan to act as soon as possible by constructing drinking stations for our native wildlife. These life-saving oases will ensure the wellbeing of wildlife such as echidnas, emus, tree frogs, woma pythons and wedge-tailed eagles. Donate today to help up build the drinking stations and safeguard our precious wildlife.

Steve and Terri founded the reserve twenty years ago in an effort to protect wildlife. Thank you for joining us and helping to protect the animals of the reserve into the future.

Keep in mind, the Australia Zoo is also helping to help animals recover from the fires as well.  And they need your help!  Please donate at:

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