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Food Review: Hardee’s Fresh Baked Buns

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Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. have done something amazing for the fast-food industry.  Recently, they have launched freshly baked hamburger buns which are baked in their   restaurants in the same ovens their made from scratch biscuits are baked.  Here’s a commercial you probably seen on TV.

So I went to a Hardee’s in Oxford, Alabama at lunchtime to try out their freshly baked buns.  When you order, it takes a few minutes to make your food, but an employee brings out your food in about five minutes.  Thanks to the employee for giving me a large drink upgrade for free!


The burger comes wrapped in a basket with natural cut french fries as well!  The burger bun was golden brown and very soft and came buttered and toasted on both sides.  The taste of the burger bun was sweet.  The bun was very sturdy and did not break apart easily, even after taking bites from the burger.


Yes, I thought the freshly baked bun was a home run for Hardee’s.  They are baked fresh every day, I could imagine how these things would taste after coming out of the ovens.


My entire meal was about $7.50 total, which is about average at other fast-food places as well.  The freshly baked buns are available on all 1/3rd pound Thickburgers, and these buns are much better than your standard burger buns with sesame seeds you get at the fast-food places!  It’s too bad many Hardee’s become quiet after the breakfast period.  These freshly baked buns might be the trick to bring people back for lunch and dinner!


If you visit Hardee’s for breakfast and not for lunch/dinner, you need to come back and try the freshly baked buns, you will not regret it!

Learn more about Hardee’s at:

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