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My Experience With Cable One Support To Get My Internet Back Working


So I had some fun last night during the BCS Championship Game between Auburn and Florida State.  Right as the game kicked off, my high-speed internet went offline at around 7:30 pm.  My cable was still working because I was watching the big game live on TV, but my internet was not working.  So I was reading social media updates and posting social media updates on my Verizon Phone.  I gave it about one hour to see if the internet modem would come back online instead of cycling, but nothing happened.  The modem requires a blue light being lit to tell you that you’re connected to the internet.  And being connected to the internet is crucial for me to continue running Geek Alabama, which is one of the biggest media sources in Alabama.

So after one hour, I pushed the reset button and let the modem reset, but nothing happened.  After becoming frustrated, I called the Cable One customer support at around 9 pm Central.  I had an automated lady guide me through the steps to reset the modem, which included pulling out the power cord and taking out the cable line on the back and plugging everything back in.  After doing those steps, the internet still did not work.  The computer on the phone could see my modem cycling through but was not being connected to the internet.  So I was soon transferred to a live person who also saw my modem on their computers and we tried steps to get connected, but nothing happened.  So they scheduled me for a visit by a Cable One worker to check things, which did not cost me anything.


The internet was still not connected at around midnight, so I went to bed.  I got up at around 5 am, and the internet was still not connected.  After I got up for good at around 10 am, the internet was connected and the blue light was on.  At around 3 pm, the Cable One employee came to my apartment and installed new cable connections from the cable line coming in from the outside.  So I hope that will end my internet problems.  I wonder with the power outages and gas outages from the coldest weather in 20 years (it got down to 8 degrees in Anniston last night), could the cold weather might have done something to the cable line.

The Cable One employees on the phone and in person were very nice and friendly.  I give props to the person who is working in freezing weather!  My latest experience with Cable One after getting some problems was great!  And for now, my internet is working without problems.  If something happens again, I will be calling back.  Cable One in Anniston is also steadily adding HD channels, just today, they launched Lifetime, Bio, and H2 in HD.  And I am glad AMC is in HD, The Walking Dead is better in HD!  But here in Anniston, the AMC HD feed is on the East Coast feed, but the TV Guide listings are on the West Coast feed.  Since I am talking about Cable One right now, I wanted to make some channel suggestions!


One, they really need to carry BBC America.  I do get requests from the BBC to review their shows like Doctor Who.  But I have to watch an illegal BBC feed online because Cable One does not carry this channel.  Since this blog is Geek Alabama, BBC America is a channel I really need to review stuff!  Hopefully Cable One carries this channel soon!  Two, I wonder why not one Viacom channel is offered in HD?  Yes, I do review shows from Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, and other Viacom channels.  I would like to watch these shows in HD!


And three, I hope they expand their Discovery Communications HD offerings.  I am an official media member of Discovery Communications and often get e-mails from Discovery and Hub Network to review shows and talk about their special events.  I would like Cable One to carry the HD feeds of Science Channel, Oprah Winfrey Network, and Hub Network.  And could they also pick up Investigation Discovery and Destination America, the folks from Discovery Communications would love that!

And one more thing, I hope Cable One will pick up the SEC Network in both SD and HD when it launches in August.  If not, they are going to have just about everyone here in Anniston/Oxford calling and complaining.  Because if they can’t see Alabama or Auburn playing football on TV, they will switch to satellite.  Overall, I had a good customer experience with Cable One with my internet problems.  Internet is like my lifeblood, because I must have it to run the Geek Alabama blog!


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