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The Evening Post: 10 Reasons Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s Are Different

Here in the south, Hardee’s makes those delicious made from scratch biscuits for breakfast.  While in the west Carl’s Jr. offers more healthy fare.  BabbleTop talks about 10 reasons why Carl’s Jr. […]

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Watch Bless Your Rank Determine The Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwich

Right now, you most likely assume that Chick-fil-A will win this contest, but maybe not.  Matt from It’s A Southern Thing held a tasting for the best fast food chicken sandwich.  He […]

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Animation Monday: Reliving The California Raisins And The Domino’s Pizza Noid

The person who helped to create the California Raisins and the Noid from Domino’s Pizza has passed away.  Will Vinton was 70 years old and passed way from cancer that he battled.  Will […]

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Hardee’s Made A Giant Earth Cheeseburger In Tennessee

So Hardee’s did something very wacky and weird.  Here in Alabama and the south you can find Hardee’s in many places.  And they are really known for their scratch made biscuits made […]

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Get Free Food From Hardee’s And Great American Cookies On Tax Day 2018

Want some free food?  Of course you do!  On Tuesday, April 17th, mostly all Hardee’s locations will be giving everyone a free sausage biscuit.  Yes, a free scratch made biscuit with sausage.  […]

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See Why Carl’s Jr. And Hardee’s Are Two Different Names

Here in Alabama, we have Hardee’s.  But out in the Western USA, they have Carl’s Jr.  Both are owned by the same company, and both have the same exact menu.  But why […]

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Food Review: Hardee’s Fresh Baked Buns

Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. have done something amazing for the fast-food industry.  Recently, they have launched freshly baked hamburger buns which are baked in their   restaurants in the same ovens their made […]

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