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Aspie Food Review: Jack’s Restaurants New Burgers

Watch a video review of me trying the new burgers.

Here in Alabama, we have a local fast food chain that’s located in central and north Alabama called Jack’s.  Jack’s is your standard burger and chicken fast-food place.  They have an extensive breakfast menu which includes scratch made biscuits made at each location every morning.  During lunch and dinner, they carry burgers, fried chicken, and other items.  Earlier this year, Jack’s decided to revamp their burger recipe.  Instead of using a sesame seed bun, and one large burger patty.  They changed their buns, which is fancier and sweeter.  They also started to use two smaller burger patties instead of one large patty.  The results, many people do not like this burger recipe.  This is an example of comments from their Facebook page.

Comments have flooded the Jack’s Facebook page, and it’s filled with numerous comments from people who either do not like the new buns, do not like the new burger patties, or just hate the new burger altogether.  Many people are wanting Jack’s to go back to their old burger recipe, which featured a sesame seed bun and larger burger patty.  So far, Jack’s has responded to several comments saying their product development team will look into customer thoughts.  Lately, when I go by Jack’s location, they are incredibly busy during breakfast hours.  But when lunch and dinner comes, business tends to slow down.  For example, during the 5 o’clock rush, my local Jack’s is often empty with no one inside and very few people in the drive-thru.

So, I know how the old burgers taste from Jack’s, and they are very good and juicy.  In this post, I am going to review Jack’s new burgers.  For starters, you see that new fancier bun.  The bun was just okay, I could definitely taste the sweetness in the bun.  It was pretty sweet, and I thought it doesn’t mix very well in a cheeseburger.

Then I tried the burger patties.  Just trying them by themselves, they were barely juicy and very dry.  I thought a cheeseburger should be juicy, but these new burgers, were kind of dry.  I could go to McDonald’s and get a juicier burger for much cheaper than what Jack’s is charging.

And seriously, who puts the cheese on the bottom bun?

Overall, I did not enjoy their new burgers.  And it’s sad really, because a lot of people like going to Jack’s, and when their new burgers suck, people are not going there anymore, except for breakfast.  I think Jack’s needs to listen to their customers, and bring back the old burgers.  Guess what, it’s okay to serve sesame seed buns and big burger patties, this is what the people like the most.

Before I wrap this post up, I wanted to review their chicken biscuit.  Now Jack’s makes very good biscuits, they are scratch made every morning by hand, in each restaurant.  The biscuits were fluffy and tasted very good.  The chicken was also very good.  Jack’s breads their chicken fresh at each location every day too.  And you can taste the difference, very juicy and good.

Please Jack’s, don’t change your biscuit recipe like you changed your burger recipe.  You have already made some of your customers not happy with the burger changes, don’t change your biscuit recipe and make more people angry at you.  I thought the goal of business was to serve as many customers as you can and make money.  With the new burger changes, Jack’s is now like Hardee’s.  Where they are busy during the breakfast hours, but die off completely after breakfast is over.  Listen to your customers Jack’s, and customers will come back to you.

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