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Wanting To Make Some Awesome Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes


This post is about some things I am wanting to do with the Geek Alabama blog.  If you have noticed, the title of this post is a reference to the David Bowie song Changes.

I am almost at the one year mark when Geek Alabama launched.  Many people have viewed this blog.  I have also gotten a lot of tweets, Facebook messages, and e-mails from people inviting me to their events or thanking me!  The first major change involves the possible TV deal.  Here is a post talking about my ideas for a TV show.

Right now, Danny Passman from Crybaby Media is busy with stuff and I hope something will come through very soon!  I am beginning to wonder if I need to appear on TV again to convince the staff that I would be a perfect fit for TV.  After what I saw over the last weekend here in Oxford.  I think I have the perfect story to appear on all four Birmingham TV stations!  Here is the video and post.

Guy's Cuisine

Other than that big change.  I have a couple of new things I am wanting to do!  The first involves the Guy’s Cuisine portion of Geek Alabama.  Yes, I will continue to do recipe posts on Geek Alabama.  But I think it’s time to make a wonderful addition!  I am wanting to do recipe videos!  I want to make these videos around 3-6 minutes long and cover a variety of things!  One great example is the YouTube channel Laura In The Kitchen.  Here is one of her videos showing you how to make chocolate waffles!

The next change involves the Roadscapes posts.  I will continue to do weekly posts about roads and infrastructure.  But I want to make a great addition.  There are videos online showing highways in high-speed with music in the background.  I would like to start making high-speed highway videos!  One example from YouTube is from the channel Freeway Jim.

Another great change I am wanting to make is an addition of a daily weekday video of about 1-2 minutes long.  These videos right now will be called The Daily Geek.  And these videos would talk about some of the biggest stories in the geek culture.  Anything from TV, movies, games, tech, gadgets, would be talked about!  I would like to lead this to an eventual podcast like you see on the website This Week In Tech.  My short videos would be like the videos you see on Newsy.

Along with these awesome changes, I would also continue to do the stuff you see on Geek Alabama all the time.  Everything from TV and movie reviews, local topic coverage, weekend events, major stories, Animation news, business and product reviews, special projects, geeky and nerdy stories, etc. would still be talked about.  I would also like to come out with a brand new Geek Alabama website.  Sounds great right!  Sadly, there’s one problem and it involves that green paper called money.  I wish our society would not revolve around money, money, and more money!

To do these things I am wanting to do, it will cost around $10,000.  I am going to need new camera equipment and microphones, new and better computer, money to hire someone to redesign the website, equipment to do recipes, stuff to make a video background with, and yes, stuff to put in the background like what you see in this video.  Most of the background stuff would be geeky and nerdy!

I thought of the cool idea to start a blog after being fired from my 13th job in August 2011.  Since then, I have been blown away from the response from people!  One of the missions of Geek Alabama is to show the world that having Asperger’s Syndrome or high functioning autism does not affect what I can do.  I want to make Geek Alabama the home for local scene flavor, great recipes, wonderful interviews, coverage of local sports, pictures and videos of local events, business and product reviews, coverage of geeky and nerdy topics, you get the idea!  If something big happens in Alabama, Georgia, or the geek, nerd, or technology world, I want people to come to Geek Alabama!

Right now I have a few ideas for raising money.  One would be to start a Kickstarter campaign.  My only worries about this is what would happen if the campaign is not successful?  I would need the help of friends and TV media to get the world out about this campaign.  The second option would involve me applying for the Advantage Capital Enterprise System here in Calhoun County.  I have to think about this one and quick!  Because I will show you this.


Yep, I could be celebrating the one-year of Geek Alabama next Monday by not having the or web domains name.  The costs are not the problem, it’s only $125 a year.  It’s just being without a job for 21 months and still looking for my 14th job in seven years is tough!  I would like to do more event coverage, business reviews, product reviews, and other cool stuff if I had money.  Yep, I will be calling some family members I know in the next few days.  I am also dreading Easter Sunday.  Going to my mom’s house with the money hassles is not going to be good.  Just sayin.

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