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The Evening Post: Photos That Represent Alabama

Geek Alabama Evening Post

It’s time to open the Geek Alabama super-duper mail bag!  And for this post; I got a e-mail from Leah Prendergast who is the Online Marketing Executive for HostelBookers.com.  The e-mailer wanted me to send 2-5 photos that I feel represent the State of Alabama, These could be landscape shots, weather shots, land marks, streets, shops, festivals etc.

So I am going to post five photos that best represent the state of Alabama.  I thought about what to post and I decided to post five photos that best represent the people who lives in Alabama.  Here are my five photos about Alabama.

1.  Alabama is known for people who follows the Christian faith.  One thing you will find is the amount of people who follows God and prays daily.  Also, many people regularly attends church in Alabama.  This photo was taken in April 2012.weekend-011

2.  Alabama is well-known for the outdoors.  People come to enjoy a variety of things outside!  Some popular activities includes hunting, being on a lake, hiking, and another popular activity; cycling!  This shot was taken in April 2012.cheaha-148

3.  Alabama is well-known for its food!  Many people enjoy the southern comfort food and it tastes good.  The most popular southern comfort food is barbecue.  This photo was taken in Oxford in May 2012 during a fundraiser.   food-017

4.  Alabama is well-known for the sport of football.  Schools in the state of Alabama have won the BCS Championship for four years in a row!  And high school football is very big in Alabama!  This picture is from a Ragland High School football game in October 2012.band-267

5.  Alabama is home to several metro areas.  The city of Birmingham is the largest city in Alabama and is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the civil rights movement in 2013.  This shot was taken in January 2012.food-blog-095