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Animation Monday: Transformers Prime Season 3

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Last Friday night, The Hub premiered Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters for its third and final season.  This computer animated series picked up after the viewers saw Cybertron’s only hope for salvation lost, the Autobot base destroyed, the team separated, and the Decepticons lord takeover of Jasper, Nevada.  The first season 3 episode was titled “Darkmount, NV” and the episode picked up where season 2 left off.  The situation has not gotten any better!  Jasper, NV has been wiped off the map and everything is quiet and still. This is not a good situation!


The Autobots along with Agent Fowler and the kids are in a tough situation.  The Decepticons currently have a huge advantage and are searching for the ruins of Outpost Omega One.  Optimus Prime has been rescued but is not doing too well.  Although he is damaged, Optimus is determined to end the war and carries a lot of aspiration on his shoulders despite the tragedies he’s suffered.  The U.S. Military is still trying to stop the Decepticons, but it’s to no use as they are blown away.  Helicopters and tanks are no match to these guys!

The Decepticons want to co-aside with the humans on Earth.  Do you really think that’s going to happen?  When you see a giant Decepticon tower, they are not leaving until they are forced to leave.  Bumblebee has a brand new paint job to avoid detection from the enemy.  The entire team is split up across the entire Western U.S.  So Bumblebee and Raf decide to head toward Jasper.   Bulkhead and Miko head towards a Wrecker meeting spot Bulkhead and Wheeljack had decided on.


Optimus powers up and down into unconsciousness while talking to Smokescreen.  Smokescreen actually snuck back onto the base to rescue Optimus through a phase shifter.  Sadly, any hope of finding Ratchet is very dim.  Jack and Arcee pause in their travels and spot a helicopter.  Arcee leaves Jack to go investigate, whereupon Jack decides that sending a text message to his mother might be safe.  Big mistake on Jack’s part!  His message is detected by Soundwave, and the Decepticons swiftly dispatch a force.  A Vehicon starts tracking Jack as Arcee sees explosions and starts to head back.  Jack is almost killed while running toward a truck.  Arcee gets back in time to save Jack and they set up a trap at a nearby gas station, blowing it up to take out the two Vehicons and Laserbeak, before fleeing.


Soundwave is examining Laserbeak and failing to retrieve any of the surveillance data when Knock Out’s call comes through.  Knock Out returns triumphantly through the space bridge with a surprise guest; Shockwave!  Season 3 is only going to be 13 episodes long so the series can end at 65 episodes.  The first episode was too short and rushed!  The story-lines and action was great!  It’s just the season premiere could have been an hour-long.  I also do not like seeing new episodes on Friday evenings at 6:30 pm central.  New episodes should be premiering on Saturday.

The ending of this series will come in the form of a 90-minute movie this Fall.  After this series comes to the end, I hope Hasbro and The Hub will come up with a new series in the Transformers franchise.  I also like Transformers: Rescue Bots as it’s a cleaner version for younger people.  I just don’t like seeing the trends of action animation leaving TV all together.  Something must change this trend!

All images copyright from Hasbro and The Hub

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