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Sunday Discussion: Traffic Light Problems in Anniston/Oxford

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NOTE: This post is being sent to all four TV stations in Birmingham.  This post is also being sent to The Anniston Star as well!  Enjoy video footage of the problems!

Last Saturday I experienced the worst traffic backup ever seen in Oxford!  Leon Smith Parkway at the new Publix and Oxford Exchange was filled with traffic jams.  It was so bad, traffic was backing up and blocking intersections!  I have talked about these traffic problems for a year now.  You think these traffic light problems are bad now, just wait until the Eastern Bypass opens!  Here’s a post talking about these issues from last December.


I will begin with some pictures of the massive traffic backup.  Just take a look!

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I have contacted The City of Oxford and ALDOT about these malfunctioning traffic lights for close to a year now.  But nothing has been done!  The new traffic light at the Oxford Exchange / Publix is on a timer.  There are sensors installed in the pavement but they are not working.  The eastbound I-20 light is a big problem.  It only has 20 seconds of green light time for traffic heading north into Anniston.  That is a big reason all of this traffic backup occurred.

As you can see in this picture, the traffic backup in the exchange went back a long distance!

stuff 131

The big reason for all of this traffic is the eastbound I-20 traffic light.  The short green light time and broken sensors is causing a big problem!

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With the light malfunctioning at the Oxford Exchange intersection.  This is causing the intersection to be blocked and this almost causes accidents.  So dangerous!

stuff 139stuff 080stuff 086stuff 147stuff 150stuff 156stuff 165

These traffic backups are causing problems at the next intersection down.  When traffic backs up, people will run the stop sign to get out!

stuff 186stuff 178stuff 183

The sad thing is the other side of the interstate also has problems!  The traffic lights at the Jimmy Hinton Dr. and I-20 westbound intersections are also not timed properly.  Turning right onto Leon Smith Parkway from the I-20 westbound ramp is very dangerous.

stuff 201stuff 205stuff 214stuff 221stuff 226stuff 232

Also, The other problem is with Jimmy Hinton Dr.  When only one car wants to go straight and the others wants to go right.  It backs up so much traffic that it blocks access to other businesses.

stuff 240stuff 258

This has been an ongoing issue with traffic light and road problems in the Anniston / Oxford area.  Many traffic lights in Anniston and Oxford have broken sensors and malfunctioning ped signals.  Also, Anniston decided to drop the speed limit to 35 along Greenbrier Dear Rd.  No one is going to follow this!

stuff 267

I have been shocked that neither the cities or ALDOT have fixed these problems!  I guess getting the TV media involved will be the only way to fix this!  Here are some videos showing some of the malfunctioning traffic lights in Anniston and Oxford.  I guess it’s going to take someone getting killed before something is done!

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  1. i live out here and go this way several times. getting to school in the a.m. is hard if i get caught at red light intersection for publix/target. so wish this would get resolved. christmas is a night mare more so.

  2. Thanks for commenting. This has been a major problem and nothing has been done to fix it! At least I covered it so someone will fix it. If not, I will keep talking about it here on Geek Alabama!