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The Upcoming Geek Alabama Fundraiser


So, I have posted here on Geek Alabama about what I want to do with the blog.  I am wanting to take the Geek Alabama blog to the next level.  But without hardly any money, there is not much I can do.  I am wanting to make Geek Alabama a place where you go for great news, geek and nerd information, interviews, videos, photos, recipes, and much more!  To get started, I made a video talking about Geek Alabama’s Future plans and made a video showcasing the things I do on Geek Alabama.

I have already gotten some of the future plans already going.  First off, I have done two Roadscapes videos of I-759 and Jacksonville.

And I have done two cooking videos showing you how to make cookies and cream cupcakes and pizza grilled cheese with oven french fries.

I have even gotten a chance to speak to business owners at a Calhoun County Chamber function.  But nothing has happened from that video yet.

I have had several people ask me “why do you not start a photography business?”  Well it’s simple, I don’t have the equipment needed to start one.  I would need a better DSLR camera with attachment lens.  And I would need a new and better computer to process the photos and videos I would take.  It would probably cost around $5,000 to get everything I would need.  As for the blog, I have had to turn down several opportunities like paid reviews and interviews just because this blog is hosted through  So my other step would be to move this blog to be hosted through  To do this, I would hire someone to move all the posts and design an awesome new website.  The only way to have local people advertise on Geek Alabama is to move to

This new website and move would cost a couple thousand dollars.  Many people across Alabama and the country have come to Geek Alabama since it launched in August 2011.  I am happy I have promoted many awesome events through posts, photos, and videos!  I would do more of this across Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast if money was no issue.  I have done the Geek Alabama blog and have been unemployed for almost two years now.  Yes, I have done many events on an empty stomach and without simple things like water because I am trying to conserve money.  That’s not fun!

So, at the end, I am wanting to continue making Geek Alabama one of the top blogs in Alabama and the southeast!  To do this, I am going to need new camera and video equipment with microphones, a new and better computer, money to hire someone to redesign the blog/website, equipment to do recipes, stuff to make and put in a video background.  Most of the background stuff would be geeky and nerdy!  I have talked with The Advantage Capital Enterprise System but nothing has happened there yet.  So my next step is to start an online fundraiser through Indiegogo.

This fundraiser for $15,000 would be for all the future plans for Geek Alabama.  For people who decide to pledge money for this fundraiser, there will be some awesome perks available!  Keep in mind, nothing will be offered if the fundraiser is not successful!  You could decide to get a t-shirt from one of these three designs.  These designs are for the back of the t-shirt.


Or you could decide to get an awesome book.   The two books I am going to offer will be great.  One would feature some of the best photos I have taken since the blog got started.  The other would showcase some of the recipes along with some road drawings!


Look for this fundraiser to launch on Saturday.  I am partly doing this fundraiser around the time of the Alabama Phoenix Festival for one reason, because I know some people will pledge a little money to keep Geek Alabama going.  I do the Geek Alabama blog because there is a huge geek/nerd culture in Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast.  Sure, not many people thinks this, but there are many people who are geeks and nerds and they live in Alabama.  I also do this blog to prove to people that having Asperger’s Syndrome is something that does not limit you.  I think I have proven that one so far!

If I don’t get the money I need through this upcoming fundraiser or from another source like the The Advantage Capital Enterprise System.  I might be joining some people I know who are homeless and living in abandoned buildings in Anniston.  That would not be fun!  Look for the fundraiser to launch on Saturday!


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