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My Very Long Job History

I have to admit it has been very tough finding a new job.  I mean I am still looking for my 14th job in 6 years and I have been without work for around 10 months now!  So I thought I would talk about my last 13 jobs in this post in hopes someone would read this and contact me.  I am also going to talk about what I did on the job and what led the job to end.  So this is the life story on my job front.

1. Dockhand (Russell Marine Alexander City, AL) – This was a summer seasonal job that ended in September.  Some duties involved washing boats, moving boats in the water, putting gas in the boats, and ringing up customers.  Some of my fellow employees did not like me one bit and decided to bully me around.  And I can not handle the summer heat very well.  So I dropped over 10 gas caps into the water (which sink) and put holes into the seats of expensive boats.  I was suprised I was not fired.

2. Screenprinter (Russell Corp. Alexander City, AL) – This was also a summer seasonal job that ended in late August.  Some duties included lining up the shirt onto a board, using a tool to spread ink through screen which went onto shirt, reading the paper to see what numbers to use, and taking the shirt of the board carefully and putting shirt onto the oven rack.  Being around the oven was tough but they provided me a fan which helped a lot!  Otherwise I liked this summer job much more than the dockhand job.  Plus it payed more!

3. Line Worker (Temp. Company Clarksville, TN) – This only lasted two days.  I was put into a cramped van full of guys smoking that drove 20 miles up the road to a plant.  This plant made plastic molds for cakes and foods.  I had a hard time standing up all day and bended over quite a bit.

4. Christmas Tree Light Hanger (Labor Ready Clarksville, TN) – This was a temp job hanging lights onto trees for the Christmas season.  The workers did not like me because I had a hard time keeping up.  Only lasted a week.

5. Truck Unloader (Labor Ready Clarksville, TN) – I drove close to two hours up to Paducah to help unload trucks.  The work was okay but the work was not long enough.  At least it was cool at that time.  But the long drive was not worth the money.  Only lasted a week.

6. Cleanup Worker (Labor Ready Clarksville, TN) – This job involved cleaning up trash on the ground, but it was a quick job that only lasted a few days.

7. Line Worker (Staff Mark Ashland City, TN) – I drove for an hour for a two week temp job taking painted water heater parts of a paint line.  I did get some complaints due to having some parts get scratch marks.  The line was moving very fast.  At least they gave everyone a free turkey for Thanksgiving.

8. Fast Food Worker (McDonald’s Oak Grove, KY) – Did various things such as cooking food, cleaning, and stocking.  I did mess a lot of things up including dropping food and doing the unthinkable as I broke the soda machines.  So I was fired.  Job lasted only a few weeks.

9. Prep Cook (Applebee’s Gillette, WY) –  We were in the back of the kitchen preparing food to be cooked.  The bad thing was many of the recipes were missing so we were flying solo.  That meant some customers were mad because their food tasted bad.  And of course I dropped some stuff.  I left a few weeks later when I was offered this next job.

10. Shift Manager (Popeye’s Chicken Gillette, WY) – I ran the restaurant during my shift.  Most of the employees did not like me at all.  Of course I was never trained on doing things such as seasoning chicken or training employees.  And when I cooked I constantly dropped things.  I was fired after three months and soon after the place closed.

11. Front Desk Clerk / Server (Soda Butte Lodge Cooke City, MT) – I found this summer seasonal job which provided living arrangements and a good job.  But soon things quickly changed.  The hotel was run down as rooms had no hot water, some windows were broken, and some employees were rude.  The restaurant side featured poor food and service. And you guessed it, the guests took it out on me the front desk clerk.

Throughout the summer many employees came and left and even four foreign exchange students cried after they realized this was a bad place.  I even had to help comfort them.  And things got worse when the people living in the town told all the tourists about how bad the place was.  It was a emotional job and I eventually got fired.  The only good side was it was only four miles to Yellowstone National Park.  So the scenery was great!

After this job I could not find anything, I ended up homeless for a while and living under a bridge and trees.  Then this came up.

12. Truck Driver (Werner Enterprises Anniston, AL) – This job involved driving a truck.  But the trainer made me sleep in the top bunk while the truck was moving.  That was a dangerous problem.  Also sometimes I had to drive through the night and I struggled to stay awake.  I almost ran off the left lane of a interstate in Florida and almost hit a median barrier in the St. Louis area.  Thank the Lord for rumble strips.  When I got a truck the RPM and speedometer was not working, the tags and insurance was expired, and some lights did not work.  This job only lasted three months.

13. Delivery Driver (Fed Ex Anniston, AL) – This job involved doing a route and delivering packages.  Often I got the short end of the stick as I was given a route that lasted way too long.  Sometimes I was even delivering packages as late as 10:00pm.  Then I was given a route which involved driving to Guntersville, AL which was 70 miles up the road.  Often I was out for 12-14 to even 16 hours a day delivering.  I tried to tell management I needed help but nothing happened.  Then the Fed Ex lawyers told the management I needed to be fired.  And that’s what happened.  Hey; this job lasted for around three years.

All the gaps in between jobs were very long as it took forever to find work.  Today I feel like this blog is the only way to keep up with what I am doing as no one is willing to give me a chance.  Maybe one day I can make this blog profitable so I do not have to worry about finding a job.  But until then, I hope someone will give me a chance.

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  1. I sense two common themes in your list:
    What you didn’t like about the job/what you didn’t do well at
    Why you were let go

    When you focus on the negatives, people are less likely to hire you.
    Try to think of the things you enjoyed, what you were good at, and the ways you expanded your knowledge/learned things in the work world (remember, positive)
    Look for training seminars or other ways to advance your education/knowledge/experience that you might be able to afford.
    What do you WANT to do in life? Besides make a lot of money from a blog… 🙂
    A person I follow posted about this exact thing just today!
    Maybe it can help….
    Good luck! Wishing you the best!

  2. Thanks for the comment. I read the blog link and this quote sums up many of my past jobs. “There’s nothing worse than landing a job and finding out later that it’s full of petty backstabbing and gossip.” If you were in my shoes you would probably feel like I am right now. Sure many people were nice at you while at work then they took advantage of you. Of course I am wanting to find something that has no gossip and backstabbing. I am wanting to find a positive work experience so none of the negative stuff will happen.

  3. “If you were in my shoes you would probably feel like I am right now.”
    Keep in mind you know next to zilch of my job history.
    I only gave tips on how to present yourself to those you may work for, based on what you posted.
    Workplaces without at least one person who gossips and backstabs are pretty rare. Which is ironic since so many people claim that’s what they want.
    Find something you’re passionate about, that you’d do even if you weren’t getting paid, but that you’ll get paid for.