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My Very Tough Childhood

I am not doing a Legislative Roundup this week.  I have decided to write about my personal  struggles up to this point in life instead.  My last post was about my past job history.  This post will be about my past education and family history.

Before my mom and dad divorced; life was peaceful with my brother Brandon and my parents had the occasional fight.  Then they decided to divorce; in the court room the judge took each of us to his chamber in the back to talk personally.  I told the judge I wanted to live with my mom but it was denied.  The only times I would see my mom was on some weekend visits.  My dad dated with several women whom I liked but he settled on someone whom I wish he never had.

My dad decided on marrying someone named Debbie; along with her came three stepbrothers to make a total of 5 boys!  For a while things were good but then things went south fast.  The three stepbrothers joined my brother and they started to abuse me.  They kicked, punched, tied me up to chairs, and did anything to harass me.  I would scream for help because it was four against one.  But I would get in trouble while the other boys got a slap on the risk.  So I spent lots of time in my room alone while they had fun.

In school; I struggled with the boys and their friends bullying me.  I have had a reading problem while in school.  Don’t get me wrong; I can read words and news/blog articles and remember.  But put me in front of a book and I will remember nothing.  Several times my dad and step-mom put me in special need schools like Cleo Wallace and Starr Commonwealth.  These schools had quiet rooms for misbehaving students and we learned nothing.  It was like a day care for crazy kids.  I rarely got in trouble at all and I wondered why I was at these schools in the first place.

We moved to several places before leaving for my mom’s.  We lived in Colorado and Michigan and the bullying got worse.  The other boys had their friends chasing me down the street and in school.  Try to go to the bathroom while two kids are trying to kick down the door at school.  Try to relax without having your stepbrothers trying to drown you in Lake Michigan.  Or try to walk down the street without getting harassed.  So at home I always got in trouble for screaming for help.  It got to the point where an alarm was put on my bedroom door.  And whenever they went somewhere I was forced to sit at the table while a camera was looking at me the entire time.  And I often wetted my bed and it got to the point where I could not wash my smelly sheets.

Today the other boys are struggling.  The youngest was arrested for drugs, weapons, and alcohol.  The other two stepbrothers are not doing well.  My mom suspects my brother is lying and is severely overweight.  And the step-mom has had to battle breast cancer and a police investigation over Beanie Babies.  I then got to move to my mom’s!  It was good for a while but that changed as well.  Her boyfriend named Daniel was a severe alcoholic.  He would hide behind his truck and drink several beers.  And sometimes he would abuse my mom as well.  One time he drove over 200 miles drunk and wrecked in front of the courthouse.  And we suspect he burned our house down when we were trying to sell it.

At school I was struggling.  I barely passed my classes and was bullied often.  And I changed schools often.  In fact I went to 10 different schools throughout my school career.  After moving to my mom’s I was held back at middle school because I was in special ed classes while living at my dad’s.  Living at my mom’s was peaceful after she left Daniel.  But soon a battle between my mom and her parents began.  They were both telling bad things about each other and they accused me of saying those bad things.  Graduating from High School was an okay experience.  I took the bare amount of classes and barely passed to graduate.  I was even bullied by some people in high school and I just wanted to get out of there.

After some long disagreements with my mom I left to live with my mom’s aunt which did not last long.  My mom’s aunt was very overweight and was somewhat racist.  She believed all forms of talking to yourself was bad.  Which is not true in my opinion.  After some disagreements I left or I would have been kicked to the streets.  I went to another part of the country to find work.  And for a while it went great.  It was good to get away from my relatives for a while.  While away I even spent some time homeless in the city of Denver.  Then I moved back to Alabama where I am at today.

Let’s talk about the education.  I have always struggled with school.  And if I barely passed high school I do not even want to think about college.  Because of all the bullying and abuse from other peers my age I do not want to live with roommates.  During the daytime I talk to many people from all over.  But at night I prefer to be alone.  It’s my relax and wind down time.  I could not handle a dorm room.  And If I went to a higher education institution I will need to have lots of time to learn what was taught.  My mom is wanting me to go to school full-time while doing a full-time job and that is something that I could never handle!

I have gone through many negative things through my life so far.  Not everyone can say they went through child abuse, alcoholism, homelessness, and criminal activity in their lives.  But I have moved past that life.  I just want someone to realize my potential in what I can do.  If you are wondering what are my interests in life.  Go to the about me and drawings tabs on top.  Overall I have not had many positive moments in my life.  But I feel like Geek Alabama has been a great positive experience.  I have met lots of people who love this blog!  And I am sure that will continue.

And did I mention I have Asperger’s Syndrome as well.  I am hoping either a job or an education opportunity comes up before the end of May or I might be on the streets.  I guess I say I would like to have a role-model from someone right now that is doing very well and is successful.  I would also like to repair some of my mom and dad sides of the family.  Only my mom and my dad’s grandparents are the people who understand and talk to me.  Hopefully this is something I can do; or we all might end up on an episode of Dr. Phil.  Which would not be good.

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