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Some Pats on the Back!

This blog has been getting more traffic each and every day and that is awesome; thanks to everyone who comes to read Geek Alabama!  I started my trip down blogger road last August under the name Young’s Blog.  And on April 1st I decided I needed a new name so this blog is now known as Geek Alabama.  And lately I have gotten some great responses from people I have covered on Geek Alabama.

First the TV promotion from ABC 33/40 and the show Focus@4.  I think they will be coming back out soon!  I even got a e-mail from a Fox 6 anchor saying they love my blog!  So I wonder where I will end up on TV next?

Check out what Bob Zany sent in the mail!

And Matthew Lumpkin sent me a cool message on Facebook!

Hey man, Thanks so much for the write up on our show from Friday. I am glad you enjoyed it, and really appreciate you spreading the word bout it and pushing our website. It means a lot to see someone promoting for us. Thanks for coming out and it was great to meet you. – Matthew

And a few weeks ago Connie Schultz promoted my blog post about her trip to Alabama on her social media accounts and I had around 800 views in one day!  Geek Alabama is all about talking about and covering the events in NE Alabama and NW Georgia.  You know the events the blogs and websites in Atlanta and Birmingham will never talk about.  I am excited about the future of Geek Alabama.  And I am hoping I can start doing giveaways and new topics but someone needs to hire me!  Thank you all for reading Geek Alabama!

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