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Adventures in Car Trouble


Most men in the south are car experts and knows how to fix the simple problems that occurs in a car.  By with me I am not a car expert so I need to ask people what might be wrong in a car.  So last week my car had some trouble.  I went to the store and when I got back to start the car it would not crank.  Thankfully someone had a portable jump-starter and my car started!  I thought I maybe left a light on so I drove around to let the battery charge and then I got back to my apartment and turned the car off.  I tried to start it again and it did not crank.  Naturally I got nervous as I have limited income because of being unemployed for 14 months.  I thought it could be the alternator or the starter and you know that would cost a lot of money to replace.

The next morning with the help of a neighbor I drove to the nearest Auto Zone and an employee came out and used a device to determine what is wrong.  It was determined it was the battery that was at fault and I needed a new battery.  After paying around $100 I needed a jump-start again just to get the car to the shop.  In most cars the battery is a very simple thing to replace.  But with my car; the mechanic had to take out the air vents just to get to the battery.

Can you guess where my battery is at?

A lot of work to get to the battery!

The battery is located on the right side under the window washing fluid tank.  To get to the battery you have to take out the air vents and when I got to the Texaco Express Lube where my car has been serviced before it took them around 40 minutes just to replace the battery and $20 later my car crisis was over!

After a morning with a broken car and $120 later my car is working fine again.  Don’t you hate when something happens to your car and you know it might cost you a lot of money.  You get that sick feeling in your gut that it might cost you a fortune to get the car fixed.  I just wished someone would finally employ me again so these crises would not be too hard and painful to handle.  Is it too much to ask?


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