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Once Again; Another Useless Job Fair

Over the week I went to attend my 12th job fair since becoming unemployed on July 2011. The Fall Employment Opportunity Fair was held and I hate to say this; it sucked again!  I was there in Fall 2011 and the job fair back then was not good.  And this year; I saw the same employers from the 2011 job fair!  And the employers have already said I don’t have enough experience or I am not qualified.  Here is the flyer they were handing everyone who showed up at the job fair.

The job fair was held on the second floor at The Learning Resource Center at Gadsden State Community College in Anniston.  When I got there I already knew nothing would happen from this job fair.  Look how empty this room is.

Sure; the people representing the employers were nice.  And I even knew a couple of the people there from last year!  So after about 30 minutes I walked out of the building disappointed.   If this is the best Gadsden State can come up with many people are in trouble.  The Anniston area is suffering through many job cutbacks.  And the employer BAE Systems which is right down the street from the college is closing down one of their factories at the end of the year.

So I guess I will keep heading down to the Cheaha Career Center to see if there are any new job listings.  Since they don’t update as often I look on Alabama Joblink and other employer websites often.  So my search for my 14th job in seven years continues on.

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