Animation Monday: 2013 Labor Day Political Cartoons

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Happy Labor Day 2013 everyone!  This day was created in 1894 and celebrates the workers!  It is a celebration of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers.  It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of their country.  More than 80 countries around the globe have a Labor Day every year!  And in the United States and Canada, it’s celebrated on the first Monday of September and is the unofficial close of Summer.

Most people have a job and can celebrate Labor Day, if they are not working on the holiday.  But for the unemployed people like me, Labor Day is a day we don’t like to celebrate.  So for this Animation Monday, I am going to share some of my favorite political cartoons celebrating the unemployed on Labor Day.  Hopefully, I keep saying that this Labor Day will be the last one while jobless, but I have said that for the last three Labor Days.  Being unemployed for 26 months sucks!

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Nathan’s Thanksgiving Wishes 2012

I think this is something that would do well during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  This Thanksgiving I just don’t feel thankful at all.  I have been through multiple tough things in 2012 and this Thanksgiving just feels like a bummer to me.  By the way; Geek Alabama will be transformed into Christmas 2012 over the weekend!

No doubt; 2012 has been a very tough year for me.  I have been unemployed for 16 months!  And I am still on that quest for my 14th job in seven years.  I have tried everything to find work.  I applied to many jobs online.  I went to 14 job fairs so far in Anniston, Gadsden, Birmingham, Boaz, and Roanoke.  I have tried every temp agency in the area with no success.  I have gone to several job events for openings like Publix and several factories.  The only problem is hundreds of people turn out along with me.  I have also chased down any job leads in the newspapers like the Anniston Star.  But nothing has happened there as well.

During the presidential election between Obama and Romney.  I Tweeted out something that got picked up by Headline News and CNN!  I was so happy seeing my Tweet re-sent by many people!  Then I got this reply from this person which hurt me big time!

Yes; there are people out there who believe I am lazy and not looking at all.  I did reply to Douglas Cole and I have not heard from him again.  I also believe the reason I am not working is because of my disability which is Asperger’s Syndrome.  In some of the last 13 jobs I did; I was put in some tough situations where I would screw things up.  Some of the crazy things I did on the job include dropping multiple gas caps in the water, breaking the soda machine, dropping food, breaking plates, causing an accident with the bosses car, etc.  You name it; if it’s a fast-paced job I have a good chance of breaking something.

There’s nothing I can do about being clumsy.  I try to be real careful while working but sometimes I will mess something up.  And this results in costing the company money; and this will mean I am being fired!  So now I am facing my next challenge.  I exhausted all of my unemployment and I have only $100 in the bank.  I will let you know how that goes. 😦

Over the last year I have had great success with Geek Alabama.  I have been involved with multiple great events in NE Alabama/NW Georgia.  I have volunteered with several events and with TV 24 Pigskin Roundup.  Many people have come to Geek Alabama to read the posts I have written and I love that!  I was on ABC 33/40 in 2012 and appeared in a Atlanta Journal-Constitution Google Hangout.  And I appeared in a UAB documentary in Birmingham.  Here are the videos!

I feel like Geek Alabama is only going to get bigger and bigger with time.  Sadly this will mean I will make many more state politicians angry at this blog.  I love doing that by the way!  The new mayor in Anniston Vaughn Stewart wants me to be in a committee about streets and roads!  This is a prefect fit for me but mayor first; someone has got to hire me!  Maybe the mayor knows of folks who would accept a disabled person who might mess things up.

I am hoping for a great Christmas season 2012.  I will start it off by donating all the toys I  got from the Activision Family Game Summit.  Enjoy the holidays everyone.  And hopefully I am not living in a car and homeless in Anniston.  I guess getting paid for anything is a pipe-dream for me.  Believe me; starving yourself because of lack of income is not fun!  Also wondering about your future is not fun as well!

P.S.: Sorry folks; I voted for Obama again.

Once Again; Another Useless Job Fair

Over the week I went to attend my 12th job fair since becoming unemployed on July 2011. The Fall Employment Opportunity Fair was held and I hate to say this; it sucked again!  I was there in Fall 2011 and the job fair back then was not good.  And this year; I saw the same employers from the 2011 job fair!  And the employers have already said I don’t have enough experience or I am not qualified.  Here is the flyer they were handing everyone who showed up at the job fair.

The job fair was held on the second floor at The Learning Resource Center at Gadsden State Community College in Anniston.  When I got there I already knew nothing would happen from this job fair.  Look how empty this room is.

Sure; the people representing the employers were nice.  And I even knew a couple of the people there from last year!  So after about 30 minutes I walked out of the building disappointed.   If this is the best Gadsden State can come up with many people are in trouble.  The Anniston area is suffering through many job cutbacks.  And the employer BAE Systems which is right down the street from the college is closing down one of their factories at the end of the year.

So I guess I will keep heading down to the Cheaha Career Center to see if there are any new job listings.  Since they don’t update as often I look on Alabama Joblink and other employer websites often.  So my search for my 14th job in seven years continues on.

Adventures in Car Trouble


Most men in the south are car experts and knows how to fix the simple problems that occurs in a car.  By with me I am not a car expert so I need to ask people what might be wrong in a car.  So last week my car had some trouble.  I went to the store and when I got back to start the car it would not crank.  Thankfully someone had a portable jump-starter and my car started!  I thought I maybe left a light on so I drove around to let the battery charge and then I got back to my apartment and turned the car off.  I tried to start it again and it did not crank.  Naturally I got nervous as I have limited income because of being unemployed for 14 months.  I thought it could be the alternator or the starter and you know that would cost a lot of money to replace.

The next morning with the help of a neighbor I drove to the nearest Auto Zone and an employee came out and used a device to determine what is wrong.  It was determined it was the battery that was at fault and I needed a new battery.  After paying around $100 I needed a jump-start again just to get the car to the shop.  In most cars the battery is a very simple thing to replace.  But with my car; the mechanic had to take out the air vents just to get to the battery.

Can you guess where my battery is at?

A lot of work to get to the battery!

The battery is located on the right side under the window washing fluid tank.  To get to the battery you have to take out the air vents and when I got to the Texaco Express Lube where my car has been serviced before it took them around 40 minutes just to replace the battery and $20 later my car crisis was over!

After a morning with a broken car and $120 later my car is working fine again.  Don’t you hate when something happens to your car and you know it might cost you a lot of money.  You get that sick feeling in your gut that it might cost you a fortune to get the car fixed.  I just wished someone would finally employ me again so these crises would not be too hard and painful to handle.  Is it too much to ask?


My Very Long Job History

I have to admit it has been very tough finding a new job.  I mean I am still looking for my 14th job in 6 years and I have been without work for around 10 months now!  So I thought I would talk about my last 13 jobs in this post in hopes someone would read this and contact me.  I am also going to talk about what I did on the job and what led the job to end.  So this is the life story on my job front.

1. Dockhand (Russell Marine Alexander City, AL) – This was a summer seasonal job that ended in September.  Some duties involved washing boats, moving boats in the water, putting gas in the boats, and ringing up customers.  Some of my fellow employees did not like me one bit and decided to bully me around.  And I can not handle the summer heat very well.  So I dropped over 10 gas caps into the water (which sink) and put holes into the seats of expensive boats.  I was suprised I was not fired.

2. Screenprinter (Russell Corp. Alexander City, AL) – This was also a summer seasonal job that ended in late August.  Some duties included lining up the shirt onto a board, using a tool to spread ink through screen which went onto shirt, reading the paper to see what numbers to use, and taking the shirt of the board carefully and putting shirt onto the oven rack.  Being around the oven was tough but they provided me a fan which helped a lot!  Otherwise I liked this summer job much more than the dockhand job.  Plus it payed more!

3. Line Worker (Temp. Company Clarksville, TN) – This only lasted two days.  I was put into a cramped van full of guys smoking that drove 20 miles up the road to a plant.  This plant made plastic molds for cakes and foods.  I had a hard time standing up all day and bended over quite a bit.

4. Christmas Tree Light Hanger (Labor Ready Clarksville, TN) – This was a temp job hanging lights onto trees for the Christmas season.  The workers did not like me because I had a hard time keeping up.  Only lasted a week.

5. Truck Unloader (Labor Ready Clarksville, TN) – I drove close to two hours up to Paducah to help unload trucks.  The work was okay but the work was not long enough.  At least it was cool at that time.  But the long drive was not worth the money.  Only lasted a week.

6. Cleanup Worker (Labor Ready Clarksville, TN) – This job involved cleaning up trash on the ground, but it was a quick job that only lasted a few days.

7. Line Worker (Staff Mark Ashland City, TN) – I drove for an hour for a two week temp job taking painted water heater parts of a paint line.  I did get some complaints due to having some parts get scratch marks.  The line was moving very fast.  At least they gave everyone a free turkey for Thanksgiving.

8. Fast Food Worker (McDonald’s Oak Grove, KY) – Did various things such as cooking food, cleaning, and stocking.  I did mess a lot of things up including dropping food and doing the unthinkable as I broke the soda machines.  So I was fired.  Job lasted only a few weeks.

9. Prep Cook (Applebee’s Gillette, WY) –  We were in the back of the kitchen preparing food to be cooked.  The bad thing was many of the recipes were missing so we were flying solo.  That meant some customers were mad because their food tasted bad.  And of course I dropped some stuff.  I left a few weeks later when I was offered this next job.

10. Shift Manager (Popeye’s Chicken Gillette, WY) – I ran the restaurant during my shift.  Most of the employees did not like me at all.  Of course I was never trained on doing things such as seasoning chicken or training employees.  And when I cooked I constantly dropped things.  I was fired after three months and soon after the place closed.

11. Front Desk Clerk / Server (Soda Butte Lodge Cooke City, MT) – I found this summer seasonal job which provided living arrangements and a good job.  But soon things quickly changed.  The hotel was run down as rooms had no hot water, some windows were broken, and some employees were rude.  The restaurant side featured poor food and service. And you guessed it, the guests took it out on me the front desk clerk.

Throughout the summer many employees came and left and even four foreign exchange students cried after they realized this was a bad place.  I even had to help comfort them.  And things got worse when the people living in the town told all the tourists about how bad the place was.  It was a emotional job and I eventually got fired.  The only good side was it was only four miles to Yellowstone National Park.  So the scenery was great!

After this job I could not find anything, I ended up homeless for a while and living under a bridge and trees.  Then this came up.

12. Truck Driver (Werner Enterprises Anniston, AL) – This job involved driving a truck.  But the trainer made me sleep in the top bunk while the truck was moving.  That was a dangerous problem.  Also sometimes I had to drive through the night and I struggled to stay awake.  I almost ran off the left lane of a interstate in Florida and almost hit a median barrier in the St. Louis area.  Thank the Lord for rumble strips.  When I got a truck the RPM and speedometer was not working, the tags and insurance was expired, and some lights did not work.  This job only lasted three months.

13. Delivery Driver (Fed Ex Anniston, AL) – This job involved doing a route and delivering packages.  Often I got the short end of the stick as I was given a route that lasted way too long.  Sometimes I was even delivering packages as late as 10:00pm.  Then I was given a route which involved driving to Guntersville, AL which was 70 miles up the road.  Often I was out for 12-14 to even 16 hours a day delivering.  I tried to tell management I needed help but nothing happened.  Then the Fed Ex lawyers told the management I needed to be fired.  And that’s what happened.  Hey; this job lasted for around three years.

All the gaps in between jobs were very long as it took forever to find work.  Today I feel like this blog is the only way to keep up with what I am doing as no one is willing to give me a chance.  Maybe one day I can make this blog profitable so I do not have to worry about finding a job.  But until then, I hope someone will give me a chance.