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My Computer Can Not Use Chrome, So I Am Using The Opera Web Browser

So with my computer problems comes something else.  After re-installing Vista, I installed Google Chrome, and you think everything should work fine, but Chrome failed to load!  I tried to re-install again […]

This Is How You Download YouTube Videos On Google Chrome

For some people, they don’t have an internet connection 24/7.  That means they have to manage their time wisely at a library or a place with wi-fi.  For these people, like me, […]

Why I Use Ad Blocking Software, And Why You Should Too

A show of hands.  How many of you use a adblocker when you go online?  I bet most of you just raised your hand.  Adblockers like AdBlock Plus and adblock have seen […]

Facebook And The Less Private Internet World

This news is upsetting many people here in Alabama.  You see, Facebook is the most popular social media website in Alabama.  More people rely on Facebook for status updates from friends, news […]

AdBlock Wants To Buy Ads to Block Internet Ads

Admit it, how many of you uses ad blocking software on your computer.  I do, it makes my internet viewing experience much easier!  While using Google Chrome, I use AdBlock to block […]

App Review: Soluto App

This post is about another user app that is useful for you and anyone you know!  Soluto is an app/web service that lets you monitor your computer.  Soluto helps any computer user […]

How To Get Around The Newspaper Paywalls

UPDATE:  I did an presentation update to this original post called How To Get Around The Newspaper Paywalls.  This presentation has several great ways to get around those paywalls, enjoy! Today, the […]

Buffer App and Friends + Me; Easy Ways to Update Social Media

This post is going to be about the apps and programs I use to make my time on social media easier.  There is one app available that is super easy to use!  Buffer App […]

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