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AdBlock Wants To Buy Ads to Block Internet Ads


Admit it, how many of you uses ad blocking software on your computer.  I do, it makes my internet viewing experience much easier!  While using Google Chrome, I use AdBlock to block all of those pesky ads!  Most websites look cleaner and are easier to read without those ads blocking your views.  Sure, some sites like Hulu have caught on to the ad blocking game, but most sites do nothing from stopping you from blocking the ads.  Now, AdBlock is running a crowdsouring campaign that asks users to help spread the word about AdBlock by donating money for an advertising campaign.

According to AdBlock, 7 out of 10 Internet users still see ads while on the internet.  These users have no idea that ad blocking software exists, it is so weird!  AdBlock wants to empower all people to choose an online world with as little advertising as they want.  They can reshape the whole Internet — it’s just a matter of spreading the word.  And with over 80 million free downloads of AdBlock and counting, more people are discovering that the internet can be ad free!

The funds from the crowdsourcing campaign will go towards using ads to get rid of ads. They will use the money raised to make AdBlock banner ads and video commercials, and they will show these across the internet to people who don’t have AdBlock.  If they raise enough, they will implement their craziest advertising ideas and capture the whole world’s imagination.  Some of the crazy ideas includes a Times Square Billboard (costs $50,000), Full Page Spread in the New York Times (costs $150,000), and even a 30-second spot during the 2014 Super Bowl (costs $4.2 million).  100% of contributions will go towards fulfilling this campaign.  And for the first time ever, they have some sweet rewards for all backers.

Some rewards for the pledges includes an AdBlock sticker, AdBlock t-shirt, Guardians of AdBlock membership, AdBlock hoodie, a chat with founder Michael Gundlach, a custom extension released in the Google Chrome Store, and yes, an opportunity to work on a April Fools Joke for $13,371.57.  All contributors will be given the ability to submit and vote on the final ad images and videos.  So far, the campaign has raised over $63,715 and they want to raise as much as they can!  The campaign ends on Sunday September 22nd!

Yes, many people loves AdBlock, but others believe it does more harm than good.  If AdBlock becomes disruptive enough, all major advertisers will react and they will try to find ways to get around the ad blocking technology.  But If advertisers are able to find new ways to display ads, someone else in the world will develop a new ad blocking technology to block the new ads.  It’s a never-ending cycle that will keep the internet ad free for all of us!

To contribute to the campaign, go to:

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