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My Computer Can Not Use Chrome, So I Am Using The Opera Web Browser


So with my computer problems comes something else.  After re-installing Vista, I installed Google Chrome, and you think everything should work fine, but Chrome failed to load!  I tried to re-install again and again and nothing happened!  I guess I won’t be able to use Chrome on this computer anymore.

opera 3

So, I had to find another browser, and I went with the easiest and less software crash prone program I knew.  Not Firefox, Opera!  Yes, Opera!  The Speed Dial has been good so far.

opera 1

Opera is a fast and simple web browser with good security.  So far I have been using Opera for a few weeks, and everything has gone fine!  The web browser imported all of my Chrome bookmarks, and for the Chrome extensions that does not have an Opera version, I installed the Download Chrome Extension and I am able to use any Chrome extension on Opera.

opera 2

When I get another computer, I will probably continue to use Opera, it’s not been that bad on a Vista computer!

Learn more about Opera at:

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