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This Is How You Download YouTube Videos On Google Chrome


For some people, they don’t have an internet connection 24/7.  That means they have to manage their time wisely at a library or a place with wi-fi.  For these people, like me, you don’t have time to watch YouTube videos while at the library, so you want to download them and watch them at home, without the worry of a wi-fi connection.  I don’t have an internet connection at home because I am too broke to have one.  And my mother does not have an internet connection at home because she has no access to one.  For people like me and my mom, sometimes we would like to watch videos from our favorite YouTube channels, but not have to hassle with Google.

Google dislikes people downloading YouTube videos.  They make it hard to download videos by not allowing any YouTube download extensions in their Chrome store.  And by stopping third-party developers from allowing Chrome users to download YouTube videos.  But, there is way to use Chrome and download YouTube videos!  The website is called Download YouTube Chrome, and it’s a Google Chrome third-party extension allowing you to download videos on YouTube!  You go to:, and click the Download Chrome Extension Now button.


You simply download the program, unzip the files, and go to your extension page on Google Chrome (click on the three lines on the top right, click settings, then extensions).  Click on developer mode, then click on load unpacked extension.  Find where the unzipped download-youtube-chrome file is, and click ok, and that is it!  Make sure you enable the extension, and you can download videos on YouTube!   You will find options under the video to download a YouTube video.  Just click and let the download happen!


So, if you don’t have an internet connection, and don’t want to waste your internet time watching videos because you have other things to do, just download the YouTube videos!  Here is a YouTube video showing you the easy process!

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