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Play Zombie-Town USA, And See How Fast The Zombie Apocalypse Spreads


Admit, you love The Walking Dead.  And with Fear The Walking Dead premiering next Sunday, I thought it would be a good time to feature this!  A pair of Cornell University grad students named Alexander Alemi and Matthew Bierbaum, created an interactive map called Zombie-Town USA which shows you how long it would take for the zombies to reach your front door.

All you do on their website is click anywhere on the map to place a single zombie, then watch everything hit the fan before your eyes.  You also have the use of adjustable parameters, including the speed at which infected people move and the likelihood that a bite from a zombie will result in immediate death.  And as what you can expect, the spread moves slower in rural areas but speeds up in urban areas.  So I decided to give this map a try!  I placed a zombie in Birmingham, and within 150 hours, most of Alabama was done for.

zombie 1

Within 300 hours, all of Alabama and most of the southeast was home of the undead!

zombie 2

Then I had some fun and maxed out the controls.  Within 350 hours, most of the eastern USA was done for!

zombie 3

And after a little over 800 hours, most of the USA was zombie land!

zombie 4

So do you want to take Zombie-Town USA for a spin?  Play now at:

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