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App Review: Soluto App

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This post is about another user app that is useful for you and anyone you know!  Soluto is an app/web service that lets you monitor your computer.  Soluto helps any computer user get more out of their PC.

Soluto started back in 2010 and has been growing rapidly!   It launched at TechCrunch Disrupt in May 2010 and won best in show, and has since been used by millions of people in over 200 countries.  To get started, you go to Soluto’s website and register for a free account.  Then you will be asked to download a program so Soluto can monitor your computer.  Don’t worry, the program is not harmful to your computer.


After you install on your computer and restart, Soluto will monitor your startup and the programs you run on your computer.  During the startup, you will see a screen like this telling you how long it takes to load everything at startup.


After starting up your computer, you can go to the Soluto homepage and see your stats!  First, you will see your general computer information.


Then you will see your apps/programs you have installed like Dropbox and Skype.  You can easily update your programs with one click!

apps 2

Next, you will see the background apps and programs you have installed on your computer.  You have the option to delay or remove from boot any program you wish.  The less programs you have booting at startup, the faster the computer starts!


Next, you will see any recent frustrations and problems with your computer.  As you can see, Google Chrome and Microsoft Office have slowed down the computer at times.


Next, you will see your internet stats including which internet browser you use.  You have the option to disable any apps you want to make your internet experience better!


Next, you are able to check your computer protection to make sure your computer is protected from outside threats!


Then, you will see your computer hardware.  You will see how much memory you are using and what’s inside your computer.


With each Soluto account, you can monitor up to five computers for free!  That means you  can have your family and friends computers monitored for free!  For small business access and for other features like remote access, you can upgrade for less than $10 a month!  That’s a good deal!

I encourage all of you to sign up for Soluto today, to learn more about Soluto go to:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @Soluto

Note: I never got paid to write this post, I am just satisfied with the service Soluto provides!

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