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3 Fun Items To Incorporate At Your Wedding

Weddings require a ton of work and detail which can be both fun and stressful! The ultimate goal is to make sure that you and your guests have a memorable and positive experience that you will cherish for years to come.

Bring some uniqueness and add fun to your wedding with these three fun items to incorporate at your wedding. From welcome bags to photo booths, these ideas will set you and your wedding apart and contribute to your wedding success!

Welcome Bags

Whether you just want to treat your guests with some items to remember your special day by or you want to supply them with some essential items to get through the event flawlessly, welcome bags are the way to go! Custom tote bags can be ordered either personalized for each guest or personalization geared towards your wedding.

Going with the idea of items that may be useful to your guests throughout the day? Fill these bags with items such as tissues, stain remover pens, a small water bottle, Ibuprofen, mouthwash or breath mints, bandages, and cough drops.

These items could save the day for a guest and will be a very thoughtful item to have handed to each guest as they arrive or have at their seat. Purchasing both the tote bags and included articles in bulk, online can make this a relatively inexpensive item to incorporate at your wedding.


A Photo Booth

Photos are one of the best ways for you and your guests to remember your wedding day! Placing disposable cameras around a wedding venue has become a trend, but an even more fun way to upgrade your wedding is to include a photo booth! Different varieties of high-quality photo booths for sale can be purchased online, here that will definitely wow your guests and provide hours of fun.

Photos taken by whichever variation you choose can even be printed on the spot! To add to the entertainment factor of a photo booth even further, supply props. Fun sunglasses, hats, and signs that can be themed to your wedding can be placed outside and around the photo booth to enhance the experience. Investing in a photo booth will not only give you an item to make your wedding even more unique, but this is also something you will have to use at events in the future!


An Interactive Food Installation

The options for food and food displays at a wedding are endless. Whether you have a traditional sit-down meal or buffet, consider incorporating a more interactive food attraction into your event. A cheese fondue fountain as an appetizer or chocolate fondue fountain to add to your dessert display (or both) are always popular options. Many venues will be able to accommodate this request with ease.



Another option growing in popularity is a doughnut wall! These walls can match the theme of your event perfectly. Upgrade your doughnut wall even further and create more of an entertainment factor by having a portion of the doughnuts left plain and having a doughnut decorating station nearby with frosting, toppings, and more!



A popcorn bar or ice cream sundae station is also fantastic food attractions that you can incorporate with lots of toppings and add ons that your guests can use and choose from. One more interactive food attraction that you can incorporate into your wedding is a food truck.


Food Trucks

Food trucks are typically not too expensive to have at an event for a couple of hours, and this is something great to have to arrive towards the end of your event. Guests can grab a snack on their way out of the wedding, and you may want a late-night snack when the festivities are coming to a close as well!


Have Fun

Whether you choose to wow your guests with a late-night food truck, a fondue fountain, a fun photo booth, or a valuable and straightforward welcome bag, your wedding will be a fun and memorable day for all in attendance. Additions such as these can help add to the event and ensure your wedding has a unique factor that will make it stand out. Don’t forget to enjoy these fun features and your day yourself!

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