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Congratulations Internet, You Just Brought Back Surge Soda


This is news the BevNerd will be happy about!  Coca-Cola is test marketing the return of Surge, the drink that is like Mountain Dew, and was introduced in the 1990’s, only to be removed in 2003.  Since the drink was removed from store shelves, fans have been demanding the return of this product, and even The Surge Movement Facebook page, which has over 100,000 likes, has been demanding a return.  They were very excited today!

So what is Surge?  The drink is a variation of a Norwegian citrus soft drink called Urge. Surge, like Urge, was produced by The Coca-Cola Company to compete with Pepsi’s Mountain Dew during the nineties. Surge had a more “hardcore” edge much like Mountain Dew’s advertising at this time, in an attempt to further take customers away from Pepsi.  But sadly, the hardcore advertising did not work for Coca-Cola, and the drink was discontinued.  Here is a classic Surge commercial from the 1990’s.

This marks the first re-introduction of a discontinued Coca-Cola brand due to popular demand, and so far, the bring back of Surge has been very popular!  On the Amazon page, the only place you can buy Surge, as of 4 pm Central it is sold out.  And soon as Surge is re-stocked, it sells out quickly again.  Surge is a citrus soda with extra caffeine.  It was popular with younger people, and was marketed towards those who loved action.  As you can see in this classic commercial below, Surge was all about the action.

I am guessing Coca-Cola is testing out selling Surge only online as a test market for the company.  If the long-term sales of Surge does well, can we expect to see other past Coca-Cola products on Amazon?  I know I am going to sound weird, but if Surge does well six months from now, could Coca-Cola bring back the New Coke they tried to sell but failed, so people who were not around during the time of New Coke can try it?  Now that would be awesome!

The only problem about the re-release of Surge, other than selling out on Amazon.  Is that is costs $14 for a 12 pack of 16 oz cans.  To save money, I would buy three packs since buying over $35 worth of stuff on Amazon gets you free shipping or just sign up for Amazon Prime.  So fans of Surge, the future of this product depends on you!  Coca-Cola is doing this as an experiment.  Coca-Cola has said that “Future plans for the brand will depend on the level of excitement exhibited by fans across the country.”  If you love Surge, buy it off Amazon!

Buy Surge off Amazon at:

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