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These Are The Reasons I Am Leaving The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce


This post is going to be aimed at the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce.  And before I write up about my 4,000th post on Wednesday, I wanted to talk about why I had to leave the chamber, other than the lack of funds.  At first, someone in town sponsored me to be a chamber member.  I guess this person, who I will not name, thought it would help me gain more exposure.  Yea, I went to the social events like business after hours and business and biscuits.  But I felted like I was a “nobody.”  I mean, several people there at the events knew me, and we said “hey” to each other, but other than that.  Nothing big happened!  I even spoke to the business people at one event, and have that on video!

But even speaking to business people never got anything going.  And I had plenty of time to think about, and talk to other people, and then I figured it out!  Many business people wish they could do more in this area, but instead they are downsizing or closing down, because the Anniston / Oxford economy is one of the worst in America!  Yes, one of the worst economies, and one of the worst places in America to run a business.  I even made a presentation talking about the problems in Anniston / Oxford, it has over 2,000 views.

What I really want to say is the Calhoun County Chamber of commerce could be doing a much better job!  Instead of me talking about how cities and organizations are badly running events and other things, the chamber should be making sure businesses are growing and prospering in this area!  There are thousands and thousands of people unemployed in Calhoun County, and these people feels like the chamber is not doing enough to recruit businesses into this area, except for the few businesses that are low paying, like retail and fast-food.  If you drive down main drags on Quintard Ave. in Anniston, or US 78 in Oxford, you notice the many empty buildings for sale.  And heck, 1/3rd of the Quintard Mall is empty!  Things could be much better here!

The chamber has instead focused on trying to bring in visitors into this area.  Other than some things like the Coldwater Mtn. bike trails, there is really not a whole lot you can do here, unless you have money to spend.  For example, their commercial called Visit Calhoun County, A Natural Attraction spends a lot of time on the Talladega Superspeedway, which is not in Calhoun County!  And it’s an event only happening 10 days out of the year.  What about the other 350 days in the year, and the events that were not featured?  I felted like the chamber should have made a better commercial.

So, since I am leaving the chamber, and probably soon leaving Anniston and Calhoun County behind like thousands of other people have had to do, let me share with you the letter they sent me.  They listed several reasons for not renewing my membership.  And other than financial reasons, it’s also because I will probably leave the county for good, and I am dissatisfied with the chamber.


I mean, yes the chamber has the job station in the mall, but that is not helping the thousands of people who are unemployed here.  Heck, I have had people out of Atlanta and Birmingham call Anniston and Oxford a “welfare city.”  And I think they are right!  Because many people here are having to rely on food stamps, social security, or disability to get by living here.  I have always hoped things would change for the better here, but that will never happen, unless Anniston gets over their “good ole boy” style of running things, Oxford gets a younger mayor who is not spending half of his time in the hospital, and a the chamber gets out there and recruits things, instead of praying and hoping eco-tourism saves the day.

So there you go, good bye to the Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce, and it won’t be long now until I leave Calhoun County behind for good as well.   Continue to embarrass yourself Anniston and Oxford, everyone on my massive social media feeds will know about it!

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