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A Horror Story: Thoughts And Comments About The Anniston ACTS Trolley System

So I have gotten a lot of people talking about what I said last night.  I uploaded a video talking about the problems I experience with the Anniston ACTS Trolley system.  And […]

Sunday Discussion: Anniston Ranked The Most Dangerous City In America

On this Sunday Discussion, on a Monday.  Let’s yet again talk about another bad ranking for the Anniston / Oxford area.  As we already know, this metro is not doing very well […]

The Struggles Of The Anniston / Oxford Metro / Here Are Ten Ways To Turn The Metro Around

Welcome to the longest post I have ever written on Geek Alabama!  This over 5,200 word post will explain the frustrations of living in Anniston and Calhoun County for the last 10 years along with […]

Seven Ideas So The Anniston / Oxford Area Can Have A Bigger And Better Christmas

  Over the Christmas season, I went to many Christmas themed events and attractions across East and Central Alabama.  Everything from parades, home Christmas attractions, city Christmas light attractions, Christmas parties, and […]

Guess What Right-Wingers, Unions Aren’t Dead In Alabama

Republicans and the Tea Party in Alabama thought that unions were dead and buried six feet deep in the union graveyard.  Not so fast my friends!  Because a plant in Piedmont voted […]

Cable One And Why People Are Leaving Their Cable TV Services / Cord Cutters

Many of you probably missed this, but the local cable company here in Anniston, Cable One, has been spun off.  Cable One was spun off from Graham Holdings Company on July 1, […]

Aspie Vlogs Episode 1: The Toughest Vlog You’ll Ever Watch

That’s right, I have begun to vlog on a personal level, like those other YouTube channels that vlogs.  These vlogs will be called Aspie Vlogs, because I do have Asperger’s Syndrome, and […]

Anniston / Oxford Is One Of America’s Fastest Shrinking Metro Areas

I mean, this should come as no shock!  But the Anniston Star reported that the Anniston / Oxford metro, and Calhoun County, has experienced some of the worst population decreases, in the […]

Defending Myself Against Those On Social Media And The Corrupt Anniston Media

Most of the time I get some good comments from people on social media, but sometimes I do get those mean and bad comments from that one bad apple in the bunch. […]

Congratulations Anniston / Oxford, You Are The Worst Performing Small Metro Area In America

I just don’t know what to say about this whole mess.  But sadly, Anniston/Oxford keeps digging a deeper and deeper hole that they can’t get out of.  And sadly, things are not […]

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