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The Boomerang TV Channel Has Rebranded


Cartoon Network’s sister channel Boomerang now has a new look, which was about time!  Because I was getting tired of seeing those same old toy bumper ads over and over again.  Which we have seen since the channel launched in 2000.  So, we get to say goodbye to those classic toy bumpers.

And say hello to new colorful, and dynamic bumpers that I am already liking.  I still have doubts about the voiceover, which sounds like a kid.  But I think I will grow on too it.

Along with the classic Warner Bros, Hanna-Barbera, Cartoon Network, and MGM studios cartoons, Boomerang will also be adding in new and original cartoons and family friendly programming to its schedule.  Series made by studios around the world will only air on Boomerang.  Boomerang also has a new logo as well!


So, where will Boomerang go?  I hope the folks from Turner will get a Boomerang website and social media up and running!  And I also hope the channel will not become a dumping ground for shows from Cartoon Network.  And, I hope you won’t eventually see Adult Swim shows on Boomerang.  I also wonder what acquired shows will air on Boomerang?  Well, I guess we will see, won’t we!  So far, I like the new look!

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