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It’s no shock that there are major problems plaguing the East Alabama region.  So this infographic describes the problems currently happening in East and Northeast Alabama and places like Anniston, Gadsden, Sylacauga, Alexander City, Talladega, and Oxford.  Will we see these major economic problems get fixed, or will people in the region continue to elect the same people over and over again?  After you read this infographic, I hope people think long and hard about the future of East and Northeast Alabama, enjoy!

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  1. Sad. I grew up in Gadsden when the steel mills were booming and Goodyear was a solid place to work for great money. I recently had a conference at Gadsden High and had time to look around . . . places like the Falls, downtown, Rainbow City area, etc. I really try to fight off the feelings of this is only the beginning, as cities begin to evaporate all around us. Small towns are almost obsolete.