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View The Doritos Crash The Super Bowl 2015 Ad Made In Alabama


Every year, Doritos does their Crash The Super Bowl contest.  The contest allows anyone to make a 30 second ad featuring Doritos.  The public then gets to vote on the submissions, and the top few make it to the big game.  And if your ad lands in the top ad during the Super Bowl, you win one million dollars, and a job at Universal Studios!  And this year, an actor and producer from Mobile are hoping their ad airs during the Super Bowl.  The video is called Beggars, and it is like one of those GEICO commercials you see on TV, view it below.

John Pastuszek is the person playing the beggar on a city street corner in Mobile.  And as you can see, this beggar is very, very picky.  The commercial was shot in two days, and we will learn on November 17th if this ad moves on to semi-finals.  To learn more about Doritos Crash The Super Bowl, go to:

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