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Controversies Over Miley Cyrus and The Shed


This post is going to talk about two different celebrities that needs to come back to Earth.  First, if you watched the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, I am going to talk about Miley Cyrus and her performance.  Her dad must be so proud!

Miley Cyrus VMA Performance

Miley Cyrus began her performance by coming out of a over-sided teddy bear and then performed the song “We Can’t Stop” in a very skimpy outfit, and yes she had several crotch grabs.  She was dancing with several guys that had oversized teddy bears.  Then the good part happens!  She tore off her first outfit to reveal a nude bra and underwear.  Sadly, you could still see some of her private parts.  Her collaboration with Robin Thicke’s single, “Blurred Lines” was way over the top!  Some of the dance movies included having some fake sex on stage and using a foam finger to grind her body hard!  Miley was acting like a hooker and Robin Thicke was following along.  Whenever I hear “Blurred Lines” from now on, I am going to think about this!


From MTV.

Sorry Miley Cyrus fans, I thought her performance was filthy, disgusting, and just plain wrong!  The performance was so bad but you could not stop looking away at this train wreck.  Some people have called this performance as soft porn and I do agree with them.  Miley has gone from a lovable character on Hannah Montana to this?  I wonder how long it will take before we see Miley Cyrus in jail or in rehab.  That’s the trend we are seeing with young women in Hollywood.  Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, and others have taken their successes and screwed it up by getting over their heads.  After a successful run as teenagers, many famous young women goes toward drugs, alcohol, crime, and other bad things.

Hollywood needs to get their heads out of the sand and realize that young famous women are facing a crisis.  Hollywood and the companies needs to support young women and make sure they don’t fall into a dark trap.  Until Hollywood does something, we will keep seeing more and more young women getting in trouble with the law.  Billy Ray Cyrus, where are you?  You need to step in and correct your daughter before she ends up in jail.  You need to be the parent here, even though she is over 18.  By the way, I loved the Justin Timberlake and N*N*SYNC reunion performances!

The Shed Mobile Alabama Shutdown

A few weeks ago, I did a TV Review about The Shed on Food Network.  And I thought Food Network was doing the show to compete against Duck Dynasty on A&E.  So far, some people are not liking this show and are hoping Food Network will go back to food and cooking, like they should!  And now, there is more ammo against The Shed after they shut down the Mobile Alabama location.

In the video above from WKRG-TV, Brad Orrison was interviewed.  Brad said, “Hey, you got to find another job” in a funny and arrogant way to the unemployed workers.  I thought he was unprofessional and immature and he should have handled the restaurant closing in a different way.  They should have informed all of their employees that the restaurant was soon going to close so the employees had a chance to find another job.  I don’t buy the argument from The Orrisons saying that if they informed their employees that the restaurant was going to close, the employees would have walked out.

It also does not help The Shed when there is the Boycott The Shed BBQ & Blues Joint Facebook page that has over 4,300 likes.  Now I want to be honest, I have never been to The Shed or have meet The Orrisons, so I don’t know how the food is like or what really caused the Mobile restaurant to close down.  Many people have called The Orrisons as great people.  But please remember this, you can be a great friend and still treat your employees badly.  And in this case, I think it happened.

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  1. Miley Cyrus performance was to helo promote her new album BANGERZ that will come out in Oct.

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