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Foodie Saturdays: How 215,000 Meals Are Made For Super Bowl LIV

What a great Super Bowl LIV that was!  During the big game, you have to wonder how everyone got fed?  From kitchens deep within Miami Hard Rock Stadium, a culinary staff of […]

Video Roundup: Super Bowl 53 Movie Trailers

Super Bowl 53 also had a couple movie trailers!  Most of them were from Disney, and the other from Universal.  Let’s talk about them! Avengers: Endgame OMG!  It seems like the world […]

Watch Teens React To Super Bowl Commercials 2018

Did you enjoy Super Bowl 52, and the commercials as well?  Fine Brothers Entertainment got several teens to react to some of the best ads.  And they even got to do the […]

Animation Monday: 15 Super Bowl Political Cartoons

So, we just had another Super Bowl, and in this era of everything has to be political, I decided to find some Super Bowl political cartoons for all of us to enjoy!  […]

Vote For G Mommas Cookies In The Small Business Big Game Super Bowl Contest

A small business from Selma is in the running to have their commercial run during Super Bowl 50 on CBS.  Think about it, seeing your small business during the big game and […]

Watch Jimmy Fallon In A Lip Sync Battle / We Are The Champions A Cappella

So, I did catch parts of The Tonight Show after the Super Bowl, and it was good!  The first video with over five million views is a lip sync battle between Jimmy […]

Madden 15 Correctly Predicted Super Bowl 49

Well, I think we are in trouble now.  Because artificial intelligence is here, and getting better!  Hence, the 11th annual Madden video game simulator that ran before the Super Bowl and was […]

Why I Pick The Seahawks To Win Super Bowl 49

So, each year I do a post talking about which team I think will win the Super Bowl.  And this year, even before we get to the game, there has been a […]

Good News Fridays: McDonald’s Pay With Lovin’ Campaign

As you all know, McDonald’s has faced some struggles with lower sales and revenues over the past year.  So, McDonald’s is trying something new!  And at my local McDonald’s, they are already […]

Watch The Snickers Brady Bunch Super Bowl Ad With Danny Trejo And Steve Buscemi

Yep, this was one of those Super Bowl ads I was looking forward too!  Just like mostly everyone else, Snickers released their 2015 Super Bowl ad early, and it’s worth an look […]

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