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Geek Alabama’s Top 2013 Super Bowl Ads


Many people watch the Super Bowl each year.  And admit it; how many you only watch for the commercials.  This year; the Super Bowl ads were hit and miss.  Some pulled the heart-strings and made people cry.  While other ads were so bad people complained on social media; I’m looking at you Go Daddy!  Here is my list of the top Super Bowl ads of 2013!

Budweiser Clydesdales: The Brotherhood

This one was very creative and sad as well!  It made a lot of people cry.

Ram Trucks: Farmer

The late Paul Harvey’s voice made this ad great!  Farmers are the backbone of America!

Jeep: Whole Again

Voiced by Oprah; this ad saluting the military was great!

Tide: Miracle Stain

I loved this ad!  What a great way to promote the teams playing in the Super Bowl!

Taco Bell: Viva Young

Who says old people can’t have some fun!  I loved this ad!

KIA: Space Babies

This was a very cute ad!  I loved it!

Oreo: Whisper Fight

Creme or cookie?  I prefer the creme!

Audi: Prom

I liked the ad.  Would you kiss someone’s girl and get a black eye?

Doritos: Goat 4 Sale

This goat really loves Doritos!  The Doritos ads were not as funny this year!

Hyundai Santa Fe: Team

I thought this ad worked.  Seeing these boys in adult situations was funny!

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