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Why College Sports Is Corrupt, A Video About The UNC Academic And Athletic Fraud


As you have heard by now, some athletes at the University of North Carolina took fake classes and professors made sure some athletes passed their classes so they could play college sports.  The sad thing is, this has happened for 18 years!  And now, the NCAA is about to hand out some harsh sanctions.  The truth about all of this is, many universities are probably letting a few athletes, especially in college football and basketball, get by with failing grades so they can play on their team.  Heck, some students still probably can’t read at a college level.

Yes, some college athletes get an easy pass through academics, so the college can make millions off of college sports, and it needs to stop!  Some of these athletes have not earned their diploma, and once they get out of college, they are not ready for real life.  This over 10 minute video from the PBS Newshour talks about the fraud at UNC, and steps to correct the problem.  Until the money aspect is taken out of college sports, nothing is going to change in my opinion, enjoy the video!

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