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My Picks For The 2015 March Madness Tournament

Well, March Madness is here!  And for the next few weeks, we get to enjoy non-stop basketball until one team is crowned champion.  Yep, you will see betting in the office, people […]

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Why College Sports Is Corrupt, A Video About The UNC Academic And Athletic Fraud

As you have heard by now, some athletes at the University of North Carolina took fake classes and professors made sure some athletes passed their classes so they could play college sports. […]

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Top 5 Ways To Reuse Your Busted March Madness Bracket

Let’s be honest.  When you filled out your March Madness bracket.  You were hoping you would at least survive until the Sweet 16.  You had that slight glimmer of hope that your bracket would […]

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Animation Monday: Penn State, Theater Shooting Cartoons

I like doing this after we have had several major news stories in the country.  The first set of political cartoons is from the Penn State scandal that has dominated the news. […]

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