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Good News Fridays: The Inspiring Noah Galloway

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Alabama native Noah Galloway has been through a lot.  From fighting in a war, and losing one arm and one leg.  And overcoming depression and getting his life back under control, Noah Galloway is an inspiration to many people!  And Noah Galloway was featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine!

This video below features Noah Galloway, who appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week.  The video below features Noah Galloway talking about how he joined the army, the reaction of losing some of his limbs, and the climb back from a deep depression.  Noah started to push himself by doing events like 10k races, and now he wants to do the Ironman.

Ellen challenged Noah to do 20 push-ups in 20 seconds, which he easily did.  And then he got a $10,000 check from Shutterfly for his charity, the No Excuses Charitable Fund.  which raises money and awareness for organizations that mean the most to him.  As what he says on his website, “I believe in being better, not bitter.”  Thank you Noah Galloway for what you did for our country!

And thank you Ellen Degeneres for featuring Noah on your show!  To learn more about Noah Galloway, and his No Excuses Charitable Fund, go to:

Enjoy the video below!

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