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Geek Alabama Pets: The NewsHour’s Family Of Furry Friends

Many TV anchors across the world are doing their reports from their homes.  And that means we sometimes get to see their pets in the background.  Below, you can see the pets […]

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Sunday Discussion: The Story Of American Poverty, As Told By One Alabama County

The UN Special Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty paid a visit to the U.S. last year, drawing worldwide attention to his findings.  One of the places visited was Lowndes County, Alabama.  During the visit […]

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See A Report About Why The New Musical Allegiance Is Important For Broadway

Tonight, a new musical play will open on Broadway in New York City.  The musical is called “Allegiance,” and it recounts a family’s struggle to endure the Japanese-American internment in the 1940’s. […]

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View A Couple Of Videos From The Selma 50th Bloody Sunday Anniversary

Last weekend was very busy in Selma!  Over 80,000 people turned out for the 50th anniversary of the Bloody Sunday event in Selma over the Edmund Pettus Bridge.  So, here are a […]

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Watch The PBS Newshour Piece About Fighting Obesity In Alabama

Yes, the PBS Newshour had another video featuring Alabama last night.  In this report called The Extra Costs Of Extra Weight For Older Adults, you see Bayou La Batre being featured.  You […]

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Watch The PBS Newshour Piece About The Talladega College Amistad Murals

Last night, the PBS Newshour featured a story about a special group of paintings depicting the events when 53 African slaves took over a Spanish slave ship, or what would be called […]

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Watch The PBS Newshour Report About The Alabama Redistricting Supreme Court Case

Lots of geeks and nerds like to follow what happens in the US Supreme Court.  And on Wednesday, Alabama was featured inside the court again.  The case is about district redistricting in […]

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Why College Sports Is Corrupt, A Video About The UNC Academic And Athletic Fraud

As you have heard by now, some athletes at the University of North Carolina took fake classes and professors made sure some athletes passed their classes so they could play college sports. […]

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Watch The PBS Newshour Piece About Ebola Partly Shot In Alabama

Last night, the PBS Newshour aired a very interesting piece about the CDC and the efforts to stop the Ebola outbreak from spreading.  In the video below, you get to go inside […]

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